Saturday, November 25, 2017

Happy Queen's Blade 12th Anniversary!

And one more year of QB happened, Unlimited being the latest hype, amirite?

For the recap of how things are going:
-Gamebooks: apparently Cinderella was indeed the last Grimoire, no more books in sight
-Visual books: last one was FS' Seut-ISM thing (as in, literally between "safe" and "out"), no more announced so far
-Anime: it seems Grimoire won't be coming back any time soon, but we got Unlimited to look forward to now~

Besides this, apparently the Unlimited series is going to start releasing figures now, Airi leading the pack as usual, but in duplicate, surprisingly.

In any case, to celebrate the anniversary, as we have already been doing for these past few years (yay, more and more links each time~), here are a few pics of QB swag!

Unfortunately, this time it was only me who could pitch in, so here's my latest QB stuff for your enjoyment! It was a good thing I brought the small cards to Ireland with me, I was able to take one final pic with more details~ (plus thanks to me using flash, we could get some funky rainbow effects on a couple of them)


  1. Happy Anniversary QB! hope we'll get to see many more in the future.

  2. Kinda sad the Grimore anime didn't pan out. I was looking forward to seeing Shigui and Cinderelsa in action.

  3. Happy 10th anniversary and thank you for your hard work!

    Are the two top things in the 4th picture artbooks? They look good!

    Really looking forward to Unlimited; I like the new designs personally.

    In unrelated news, I actually managed to get together enough acceptable images for "Rebellion screenshot Elina" that could form a full book. The bad news is that the images would be square-shaped (so not optimal), that I don't remember exactly how to write the various files, and that no original ideas come to mind from the images so it'd be pretty plain. We'll see if that gets anywhere, but I might need your help with the data files if I go through with it and that you still accept user-made books.

    1. Yup, the two things are from the aforementioned FS illustration book, looks pretty gorgeous and has a couple new things too.

      Hm, a rebellion Elina... well, why not, you should be able to give it an interesting spin. Lemme know if you need any help :)