Thursday, November 2, 2017

Drama CDs: Bitoshi Senki Upheaval (2/10)

So for Unlimited Aldra's poll, "the design is good and needed for her" won with 19v-29%, followed closely by "is just good" and "neutral on the design" with 16v-25% and 15v-23%, and after that were "bad, not interesting design" and "bad, unrecognizable design" with 9v-14% and 5v-7%.
Glad to see people mostly liked the new queen, different as she might look :3

Next poll, as promised, is about Delmore's surprising change!

And here's one more installment of the CD, featuring Elina reminiscing a bit...
It also represents a literal little victory for us, because you see, apparently the music that sounds from 0:14 onwards triggered a copyright infringement in Youtube (that we weren't able to sidestep, unlike last time)... but we valiantly repealed it, and actually won~!

Anyhow, enjoy!

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