Monday, October 23, 2017

Long live the (loli) Queen: Unlimited Aldra!

So yep, Aldra's design for Queen's Blade Unlimited was just shared today. Delmore went through a remarkable change indeed:

Looks less imposing for sure, but also looks her supposed age (12) more properly than before, maybe? Also, the change that might be most relevant is that she isn't sealing her left arm anymore, will she be able to unleash her whole power now...?

What do you guys think?


  1. as it's the trend with the redesings, the costume is more generic and takes away from her personality (her original design actually made her look more intimidating, the new crown just looks kinda silly, and where the hell is her "golden penis")

    I do like the female Delmore though. but then again he never had anything too interesting in his design.

    1. I feel the same. Anyone who sees the original design for the first time will sure never forget it.
      This redesign looks like: "oh, ok, another cute girl".

  2. I don't know, maybe I'm just too nostalgia-blind but I'm just not feeling these redesigns at all. So far, half of them feel more generic while the other half feel unnecessarily moe-fied.

    I want to say the story could still end up being good but after "Grimoire"...I don't have much confidence in that aspect.

  3. Well I'm glad they got rid of that damned spiked thing between her legs. I'm hoping she can transform into a dragon. That new Delmore looks nice. Will she have more of a role in this one? Say are they gonna make new books based of this series or is it just an anime reboot?

  4. Well, mixed bag here. Her crotch shuriken was kind of a trademark, way more than the sword. Not sure what they were thinking, but perhaps they were trying to tone down the designs into something refined? The original Aldra design did have a lot going on. But in the process, this new Aldra has very little in common with old Aldra. Plus new Aldra lacks a unique, defining feature which characterizes her. At least with OG Aldra I could identify her by her spiked crotch.

    However, I DO approve of the change to Delmora. Delmora being a random male vampire-demon felt out of place in Queen's Blade where every combatant, both protagonist and antagonist, was female. As such, male characters like Delmore were pushed to the wayside. I feel this way Delmore can properly step into the spotlight as a legitimate villain whose clothes can be unabashedly torn to pieces as she is defeated.

  5. Huh. No one here seems to like her much (including me), but the poll seems to be going the other way...

    I've got nothing to add really, except: She has a tail! Interesting addition, or completely pointless, given that Delmore has one too?

  6. I LOVE the new Delmore (or now Delmora =] ).

  7. Unlimited Aldra>>>>>>Original Aldra just my opinion

  8. im in the middle on this one i like the original aldra design and the design here is just not as good as that one with less to it aldra only fighting one armed was a good way to show just how strong she was plus her crotch blade that was her secret weapon, but at the same time this design is nice though her demon looks a lot better than the old one it kinda was boring so its in the middle i think it needs some more work