Friday, November 4, 2016

Queen's Blade: Risty

So here we go again in our quest to have all the books properly readable, with another neat revamping of a classic Queen's Blade char, that does a little more justice to Eiwa's original drawings and standardizes the restrictions with the wording we're used to now:

Download it here!

Coming next, a new QBB version~


  1. So far for the poll 34,48% never played any tabletop games? seriously guys? not even Monopoly?

    1. Uh, well, I understood "tabletop games" as games different from the typical board games like parcheesi and monopoly, and also different from typical card games like poker and uno... no? The poll does list like 6 examples already ^^U

    2. hmmm, okay, but do you consider Zombie, Space Hulk and Starcraft as regular board games or tabletop ones?

    3. Well, Space Hulk is literally Warhammer 40K, so it qualifies for our poll. Haven't heard about the other two, but if they have funky dice, colorful figures and/or RPG-like rules, they should as well?

    4. hmmm, yeah.
      For Space Hulk, in term of rules and gameplay, it is so different from the W40K wargame it might be closer to Monopoly. :p But it got ncie figures so, I guess it's one of them.

      but anyway, 32% never played any, that's bad, go try Pen&Paper RPG guys, that's awesome, especially WFRP and Vampire The Mascarade.