Thursday, September 29, 2016

Queen's Blade 2005 Winter Designs: Risty (1)

Cindy's ouutt! :D

So about Yuit & Vante's quiz, "Yuit = minielf & Vante = robomaid" won with 72v-91%, "no clue" trailed way behind with 6v-7%, while "Yuit = robomaid & Vante = minielf " got 1v-1%. 
Heh, no problems with that one I see, it was just the pair of pseudo-chinese twins who were problematic.

Now next poll, the aforementioned Cinderella was released, how's she looking?

And here we begin a new thingie. Turns out a number of "Queen's Blade Designs" extra books have been released yearly (especially in the beginning) with a few sketches of each char's pages, commenting the poses and stuff. So without further ado, here's a bit of Risty's!



  1. Risty was such a poorly utilized character in the original series.

    I feel if they wrote a better story or put her as the main character, Risty would be more iconic. And imo, the series would be more popular which would mean more content for everyone.

    Leina, while not a bad design, was sort of a bland, especially for a protagonist.

    1. I disagree, as bland as Reina is, Risty was far from your typically favored design for the japanese. In the absence of Leina, only realy Tomoe would have been able to carry the story and bring about the same conclusion.

    2. See, that's what I feel would've made her stand out. She wouldn't be popular for her appearance but more for her non-generic attitude. Almost like an 80s-90s female character.

      Whereas, the other characters would've been forced to interact with a pushy character like her.

      But I definitely agree about Tomoe. Always felt she should've been the main above all as she has lost and gained the most in the series while also being the one that has journeyed the furthest (by going into a foreign land and beating many of its inhabitants).

    3. You do realize the japanese have traditionally shown an aversion to non generic things? We're lucky Risty even made it in as one of the main girls when you think about it. Making her the main character would have been a death sentence.

      Theres a difference between something being unique and something being well liked after all.

    4. That's not true at all. If the chemistry is right, people will like it.

      Look at Freezing. Plot's kinda trashy like QB. But Satellizer was not your generic type female protagonist nor did she look like it with her quiet and sulking attitude and 'mature' appearance. How they made it work was by exploring her psychological background and how she interacted with others. And she was popular as a result.

      The problem is you're simply imagining Risty only as how she was represented in the show. Again, had they utilized her correctly, I think it would've been fine. She wouldn't have been the most popular character but her attitude would be closer to a female Naruto/Goku/Luffy (ex. loud, confident, wild hair, good heart).

      And thus, due to her nature, she would serve as beacon to bring others together or explore the world.

    5. Ah, If only, we, europeans, had a chance to make a Queen's Blade anime, that would be could right?
      But I think if I had to choose a main character for QB (which is kind of silly as almost every character deserves to be the main character) it would be Elina, Nyx or Echidna.
      I kind of like Reina tho, I mean, HJ used Reina pretty well as a main character.

    6. I've worked with Risty far more than most people and know her a lot more beyond the anime. She would have made the series flop for a variety of reasons, 1-She was designed with strenght in mind inwards and outwards, 2-She's not indicative to the general tone of the other girls whatsoever. 3-Her lack of femininity makes her much more difficult to market accurately.

      Think Daidouji from Senran Kagura, she's likely the most unpopular character in the series, as cool as she looks.

      As for Satelizer, her being popular is actually contrary to what you think, she's popular for the EXACT same reasons a lot of characters of her type are, the cool tall and beautiful beauty turns out to be shy and reliant on a guy... she was basically tailored to japanese tastes really.

      I think you might be confusing what you want to see and what is actually going on, sadly, the japanese are typically very resistant to truely unique characters. Gender is a really big factor of differenciation.

  2. There is a problem with the character Claudette. The game crashes everytime I want to play her tutorial/mechanics. It only crashes when I go in the tutorial, otherwise all the other game modes works good on her and nothing bad happens.

    1. Reminds me that game crashes when I played Echidna in multiplayer (but not in solo)

  3. @The Pumpkin Guy, @Jonathan Jarry:
    Oh, thanks for telling me, my bad, I'll have to fix those for the next version then.

    1. Np, I'll keep writing all the problems that I find when I play the game.

    2. this is an issue I had a long time ago (didn't play QBB for a long time^^) and back then it seem I was the only one who couldn't play Echidna. My friends had issues with other characters tho.