Thursday, October 27, 2016

Queen's Blade 2006 Spring Designs: Tomoe (1)

For the "Winter Devil/Devil of Winter" poll, the former won with 33v-57% versus 24v-42%.
Kind of a close call, but oh well, the audience hath spoken, so it shall be.

And next poll, since there are no apparent QB news this month, Cindy gets 2 polls in a row? How likely do you guys think is that she's the last Grimoire?

Now, it's Tomoe's turn. For some reason, this book really gets into the details of each move, so hey, more fun for us!
(You might also have noticed that we skipped some obvious chars like Leina or Nowa, unfortunately those have tiny doodles in 'em that we aren't able to translate :p)


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