Thursday, December 1, 2016

Queen's Blade 2006 Winter Designs: Elina (1)

For the preferred anime direction poll, "good as it is (ecchi)" won with 27v-45%, followed by "like the books (convenient censorship)" and "full hentai" with 18v-30% and 13v-22%, and last was "should have reigned things! (books were lewd enough)" with 1v-1%.
I guess there's no pleasing everyone... funny that the censorship in the QB books seems to have come from HJ themselves, though.

And since we're with Elina now, another installment of the "X is..." polls! :3

So now we start with the youngest Vance, lots of details like Tomoe.



  1. Elina <3 I think she is my favorite character. Hide and seek was the best manga after all :p

  2. too bad she became a real bitch in the rebellion series. I think Risty kicked her ass in the cell cause we never saw her after that.

    1. In the illustrated stories, it was Vante (and Yuit) who managed to make her fall into quite the tall cliff... though she didn't appear to have sustained big injuries in the end.

      Plus, there's a (canon) epilogue thingie about that part, that I hope we'll be able to translate as soon as my partner isn't that busy :3

  3. guess she does have 9 lives huh?