Thursday, November 3, 2016

Queen's Blade 2006 Spring Designs: Tomoe (2)

First of all, apparently Cinderella was fully scanned already! Which means a QBB update is around the corner, doesn't it :3

For the poll about potential Grimoires after Cindy, "of course! still can go on" won with 13v-37%, followed by "probably, I'd rather have another QB series" with 11v-31%, in turn followed by "doubt it, all main chars are in place" with 9v-25%, and last was "nope! bring another QB series!" with 2v-5%.
Well, imho Grimoire still has lots more to delight us with... and well, the topic about a new QB series could make for another poll? :p

Now next poll, ever played a table top game, QB or otherwise?

And here we continue with Tomoe's fancy details!



  1. Play them? Hell, I RUN tabletop games at every convention I go to. In fact, Lost Worlds/Queen's Blade is my must run. My other go to games are Tanto Cuore, Super Dungeon Explore, Kingdom Death, and Ruse.

  2. I wish I got to play more,but these days I really dont have the time to tabletop much. It's a bit of a shame.