Thursday, November 10, 2016

Queen's Blade 2006 Spring Designs: Tomoe (3)

Edit: Oh, messed up the poll results :p

First of all, if you're still following the development of the 7 Sinny gals (even if it's just for the lulz), they released a new vid here, and a new manga chapter here.

Regarding the table top game poll, "played tons of them" won with 13v-29%, followed closely by "never" with 11v-25%, and also closely by a tie between "once or twice"" and "still have regular meet-ups!" with 10v-22%.
Talk about a close poll. Hm, you know, I remember when I was a wee boy, spending afternoons playing Space Crusade and Hero Quest... plus later on, when I was a teenager, really getting into Magic The Gathering... good times, man :D

Next poll is about that Discord thingie, we'll probably open one soon-ish, but do you guys even use those things?

And, more explanations about Tomoe's pages. They sure wanted to hammer home that idea about the talismans protecting her! (which we haven't really seen in any other QB media)



  1. They at least show them by default in Spiral Chaos, and in the Hide and Seek manga, Elina does remark on them being present when she fights Tomoe.

    I wonder if the novels have them mentionned...

  2. Hey Leecherboy, if you want to play Hero Quest and Space Crusade, I still got them :D

    1. Haha, I don't even remember what we did with ours, probably threw them away years ago... along with Blood Bowl too, I guess I was quite the Warhammer 40K fan when I was younger? :p

  3. I wish they had kept the talisman's guarding her in the final draft. It sounded like a pretty cool concept. If they were sentient, they would be the counter to Nyx and Menace's weapons.