Thursday, December 15, 2016

Queen's Blade 2006 Winter Designs: Elina (3)

For Luna Luna's Sunshine vs Moonlight poll, "fair is sun; dark is moon" won with 32v-57%, followed by "pale is moon; tan is sun" with 18v-32%, while "don't know" was last with 6v-10%.
You know, I honestly thought this was kind of a straightforward question, but was surprised when my partner said he saw it the other way around :3

Next poll, what do you think about the evolution in F.S.' art...?

Now, featuring this set of Elina's pages, is her rea~lly weird dodging move, we still haven't completely been able to figure out how it works... :p



  1. For the poll, the new style is the one on the left? or you're just talking about the difference between Queen's Blade and Rebellion?

    1. New style is the one on the right ^^U

      Old style is the one from their original books, on the left.

    2. Well the right one doesn't even seems like a F.S art...