Thursday, November 24, 2016

Queen's Blade 2006 Spring Designs: Tomoe (5)

On the dogs vs cats poll, "cat" beat "dog" by a small margin with 18v-35% vs 16v-31%, "love both too much to decide!" trailed behind with 10v-19%, while "like neither" was last with 7v-13%.
Was this poll a subtle reference to Claudette vs Elina, seeing as they kinda represent both extremes? What animal would that make Leina anyways? So many questions...

Now next poll is kinda related to the news this week that the QB wiki will need to go through some notable censorship (booo... :p), how do you feel about the way the anime took things?

And here we finish Tomoe, introducing a concept of "helmet" that did surprise me...


Next: Elina!

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