Sunday, December 25, 2016

Queen's Blade : Rare Stuff Christmas Edition

Merry Christmas, hope you're having a great Hanukkah and happy holidays and other varied winter celebrations to everyone, welcome to this special edition of :
Rare Stuff with Final Agent

Where we go through our rare stash of Queen's Blade related stuff and pull out whatever we can to make a decent-ish post with! Today, me and Leecher figured we'd try and give a little extra something to you guys and girls so we hope you enjoy.

A bonus poster that was included with the Queen's Gate Noel Vermillion figurine a while back.
More after the break!

Here we got a trio of bonuses from varying limited edition things, the first being from one of the Struggle Manga books and the 2nd being the front and back of a postcard sold at an event at some point, if I recall correctly.

And here we have another pencil board (that I'd honestly never use for its intended purpose), this time of Alice from Queen's Gate. I forget where this came from exactly, but it likely came with one of her figures too.

And lastly, a real heavy hitter rare right here.
This particular pic was released during an event a while back as a lottery item and was only given out in limited quantities...  I'd honestly be surprised if anyone else could manage to somehow get their hands on it, it's really a hard one to come by nowadays. This is for all you Kaguya and Mage lovers out there!

Oh, and a lower quality B&W version that was publicly posted on Saitom's twitter in anticipation for the full thing. Can't do much about the quality, but I figure it's neat to see for those of you interested in that sort of stuff too.

In any case, thank you all and here's hoping we have any good year together!
Sorry for posting this so late in the day by the way! 
I ended up going a little overboard and adding more pics than I had to for this little bonus post... ah well.

If you somehow managed to land yourself one super rare item and you'd like to share with other fans, don't forget to hit us up on or on our new discord server, advertised in the blog header. We're always looking for those rare finds that slipped through our fingers after all.

See you next time!


  1. Replies
    1. Isn't my partner nice? I hear he spent a pretty penny to get that one :3

  2. ahah, reminds me I have QB post cards I've never show on this site, I took them in the factory you know, not knowing when the product would be release^^

    1. Whaaat, c'mon, share the wealth one of these days, mate~

    2. I'll do in some days^^
      But don't expect something impressive, my postcards arts are like the one of the show, no FS or Astroguy drawing.