Thursday, November 1, 2012

Queen's Blade Backstories: Mirim and Annelotte

As a bonus, I bring you today the drama CD from Menace's biography. It's still Anarista's only appearance to this day, so give it a listen whenever you can (Mirrors/Sendspace):

And finishing up the Rebellion girls until the delayed witch comes out, here are more backstories. Annelotte's is one line away from being the actual Rebellion prologue, but still...



When she realized, Mirim was in a dimly lit room.
“Oh. You woke up.”
Making out someone’s voice, Mirim noticed that she was tied to a hard bed once again.
Standing beside the bed, next to her, was a woman from the Dwarf Tribe.
This person was the Iron Strategist Ymir, famous as a close attendant to the new Queen.
By the way, she had been stripped off her clothes, and was now wearing an excessively skimpy armor.
“W, what experiment is this?”
“Didn’t I tell you? It’s an experiment to create the strongest fighter in a short period of time.”
“A fighter…? Me?”
“Right. What, don’t worry. You only have to endure this for a while.”
“W, what is this strange feelingg.”
Rising from the crystal fitted with the armor, a vibration resonating from deep within her body made her feel like a strange elation.
“You’ll get used to that soon. Rather, now’s the final adjustment.”
Saying that, Ymir raised the black hand axe high.
The axe was swung down unceremoniously and stroke Mirim’s armor.
Mirim screamed involuntarily.
“Ki, kyaaaaah!”
It was then that:
“N, naaaah!?”
The armor and the crystal vibrated violently, and repelled the axe.
“Ooh, success!”
“N, ah… aah…”
Due to the stimulation that suddenly struck her body, Mirim became weak in the knees and sat down on the spot.
At the moment the attack was repelled, the Hyper Vibration fitted in the armor sent a generous stimulus through her body.
“N… no way… Something like this…”
“Kuh, kukuku… Somehow, seems like it’s complete.”
Ymir put her hand on Mirim’s shoulder, satisfied.
“You have an absolute defense due to the Hyper Vibration, as well as a Hyper Vibration Sword. As it were, we could call you the Hyper Vibration Valkyrie?”
“Ah… aaah…”
It was too much for Mirim.
Sitting down on the floor with a flop, she endured the reverberation of the feeling she had never experienced until then through her whole body.
“S, say… will this happen, whenever I move?”
Mirim asked with a flushed face, as a sweet tickling sensation coursed through her whole body.
“That’s right. Well, you’ll get used to it soon.”
“Just like thaaaat?”
Even if it was for her family, maybe she had made a terrible choice?
A shade of anxiety crossed Mirim’s mind.
Sure enough, can Mirim annihilate the Rebel Army, and go back to her family?
They won’t know that unless they fight.
Queen’s Blade, the contest held once every four years to decide the Queen who will rule the continent.
After a fierce fighting that unfolded unlike any before, the 30th Queen’s Blade came to its conclusion.
The previous Queen, the “Queen Aldra”, was defeated and who took her seat as the new Queen was the “Lord of Thundercloud” Claudette. Claudette was known for her upright and noble character, but after becoming Queen she changed completely and the continent became a hell in the fires of war.
However, there was someone to restore the order to that world in despair: the “Princess Knight” Annelotte.
Annelotte raised the flag of righteousness as the “Rebellion Army” with her little sisters-in-arms, the beautiful warriors bound by destiny.
Annelotte continues to fight.
Many beautiful warriors become devoted with admiration to the “Rebellion Army” and the number Annelotte’s little sisters-in-arms increases.
Against the “Rebellion Army”, a power that cannot be disregarded, the Queen finally sent an elite of beautiful warriors with a large army...!!
Sure enough, can Annelotte and her little sisters-in-arms overthrow the “Queen of Thundercloud”!?
They won’t know that unless they fight!




  1. No new information there, but I always enjoy watching Mirim writhe under her armor.

  2. Yep its the same. Waiting for the rebellion character endings.

  3. About Menace's Drama CD. It's always nice to get these and I do love hearing Yuko Goto. Although Melona gets bonus points in my book for being voiced by the Queen of Tsundere herself.

    My only gripe with Menace overall is a silly one. I'm told her VA is a huge fan of Fist of the North Star and of Souther. Menace is supposed to be good at unarmed combat but that only seems tacked on because of the book she's based on. It would have been cool if she did some sort of Nanto Seiken, carving big X-slashes with her hands. Oh well.

  4. Could you possibly provide more information about the Drama CD so it can be added to the QBWiki?

    1. Well, I was meaning to add the info there eventually...

      Though, the tracks, pics and most of the actors are there, only the translation of the tracks names remain ^^U

  5. Say, is there any word on if Welberia's book will come out if at all?

    Also, when is Vanquished Queens II getting released?

    1. VQ2 is being released on the 30th this month.

      And yeah, in Alicia's preview last week, they do mention that the witch was delayed, maybe in a couple of months?