Wednesday, November 21, 2012

QB Exiled Warrior 8

One more chapter, with some nice action! We have some of that weird QB fauna, some flora with interesting roots (lame pun), and Echidna that won't just stay on the sidelines this time!

Download it here, and enjoy!


  1. I really like the art style for this manga. It really makes the characters come alive a little bit more for me, way more than in the anime. Their expressions are so exaggerated, yet are so cute and expressive. The artist just captured what I like about Leina so well, from her mannerisms to her physique.

    I also noticed that this manga is getting more risque with every passing chapter. The artist hasn't drawn actual nips on the girls yet, but he is drawing certain sexual details elsewhere... just thought I'd make a note of that. I don't dislike it--it has just the right amount of ecchi.

    Can't wait for next chapter. Thank you for the translation.

    1. Glad to see people enjoying the manga, we'll keep this up as much as we can, QB is a fun series to play around with.

      And look forward to Struggle when we get to it, though, it's a bit more risque in some parts than Exiled is...namely the Ymir vs Melona fight...