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Queen's Blade Backstories: Melona, Claudette and Melpha

I guess you guys saw Zara scanned already? That was fast, and the funny thing is that Alicia is supposedly outranking her more or less in a 6 to 1 ratio (at least according to Amazon's bestsellers).

But back to original QB again, there's another English one mixed in here so it's 3 again.



(In case it's too small to read)

The sound is getting louder. It sounds like someone is coming into the swamp. The person is trying not to make a sound... but hee hee, it's so obvious. The closer the person gets, the more I can hear branches break or water splash. I wait patiently until the person comes near... and suddenly, appear in front of her. 

Ha ha ha! She's so surprised! The look on her face is hilarious!
 I guess anyone would be surprised if, suddenly, in this creepy swamp, a person who looked exactly like you jumped out in front of you.

But she immediately recovers from the surprise and takes a fighting stance.
"I guess you have some backbone. Although I don't have any bones! Ha ha ha! That's a good one! It's so funny, right? Ha ha!"
As she looks appalled and distracted by my stupid babbling, I melt the small animals in the swamp and take them in. My body grows bigger. The bigger I get, the more invincible I am!
"So what would you like me to look like? A soldier in bikini armor, a bunny girl, the Captain of the Royal Guard, a dwarf princess, a dragon, anything you want. There's nothing I can't transform into!"

Sure enough, can Melona fight and win against this courageous opponent?

They won't know that unless they fight.


Leaving my duty at the border station for the first time in a long time, I walked into an audience with the Earl Vance.
“Ooh, General Claudette. Thank you for coming. I have something to ask of you, the servant I trust the most.”
Being relied upon by the Earl, it’s my pride. However, as I expected, has this person ever seen me as his real daughter?, I suddenly thought.
“It’s about the order I gave Elina to capture Leina… It’s baffling indeed. That perfect daughter, she’s doing such a hopeless incompetent work.”
Elina… my cute half-sister. I know it. When it comes to her sister Leina, Elina won’t see anything else.
However, when she speaks to me, she’s always slightly cold and distant. That’s so unbearably lonely for me…
“General Claudette, I want you to take over her duty. That’s, I mean, aren’t those two said to be participating in that tournament I’ll refrain from speaking of? Bring back those two immediately!”
The easiest way to meet the two people participating in Queen’s Blade will be for me to participate as well. There’s no telling if I can win against that Echidna and Cattleya, but the possibility that other participants will hinder my duty is low.
“…Duty, acknowledged…”
“Go! Claudette. Those two are my precious heirs. I won’t tolerate failure.”
Leina… If you don’t carry out the duty to lead people as a heir, I won’t forgive your sins. Because the blood of a noble who has an immense influence carries a heavy responsibility… 

Sure enough, can Claudette carry out her duty?

They won’t know that unless they fight.


As per my Grandmother’s orders, I’m leaving to participate in Queen’s Blade as a representative of our religious sect. For someone like me who has spent most of my life in the church, it’s my first time travelling alone.
Eventually, I met a man sitting near a fountain in the town square.
“Great holy woman, I’m freezing to death. Please help me.”
“E, err, here, put this on.”
I took off the mantle I wore, and gave it to the man.
After walking for a while, this time I was surrounded by children at the market.
“We are hungry. Priestess sis, please, whatever you can give us!”
“Err, err. Here, eat something with this.”
I was trying to take out a coin from my purse string, and the children quickly took all of them.
After walking for a while once again, now there was a sick old man lying by the roadside.
“G, Great priestess, please, please save me with the power of God. Hurry up…”
I hesitated. But I should be ashamed of wanting to run away.
“…I understand.”
With my hands on the floor, I pushed out my rear towards the old man.
“G, great priestess, w, what...!?”
Yes, this is the Holy Pose written in the scriptures. In our sect, in order to carry out a miracle by the power of God, the rules state that we must perform this.
Oh, but when I do a Holy Pose in front of people, for some reason I feel the gaze of the gentlemen, I’m so ashamed.
Grandmother, surely this is a trial too…

Sure enough, can Melpha win the tournament with the Holy Poses?

They won’t know that unless they fight.


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