Thursday, November 22, 2012

Queen's Blade Rebellion Endings (III): Tarnyang & Sainyang, Luna Luna, Sigui

Maybe you heard already, but this month's HJ news seem to be the announcement of a surprising Vanquished Queens anime, and the release of 7 Deadly Sins' Mammon figure.

Aside from that, a familiar character kinda steals the spotlight in this batch of endings, but you sure won't hear me complaining.


Tarnyang & Sainyang

“Iyaa, the world is so wide! No way, I never thought there would be such a wonderful lake in the middle of the desert.”
Tarnyang smiled innocently, putting her foot in the lake at a corner of the oasis.
“Hn-, it’s sheer bliss, get in, Sarnyang.”
“I was about to drop dead here...”
“It’s these victories that make life enjoyable.”
“I wonder if this was worth risking our life for...?”
“Sainyang! Do you have to be unhappy with everything? Once we return to Shai-Fang, we can’t come out so easily.”
Sainyang knew how Tarnyang felt, her sister had suggested that they should take the opportunity to look around the Continent before their long-awaited return.
“By the way, Tarnyang, there’s a person who’s been looking at us for quite some time...”
Beyond Sainyang’s gaze, on the lake appeared the figure of a woman both of them recognized on a gorgeous ship.
“Gegeh! She’s...!”
Tarnyang’s eyes changed.
“Isn’t she... Queen Menace?”
“Coming all the way here to honor your promise, you are so kind~, as a Queen, I’m very impressed~.”
Employing many rowers, the ship came closer to the shore elegantly.
“A promise? What, did we have one?”
“Sainyang, run away!”
“Aah, please wait. If you don’t wait up, I’ll curse you~.”
Shaking off the still Queen Menace, the two people escaped with great haste.

Luna Luna

“Thank you for coming today to watch my dance-! Let’s all have a great time dancing!”
Along with Luna Luna’s dancing, the audience also took off their clothes and danced.
The scene was full of the shapes of many men and women dancing stark naked, looking as much as a festival as a big worshipping ceremony.
“This is fun. This is all real fun, miss Luna Luna.”
Menace danced next to Luna Luna.
“I do understand why this is spreading through the whole Continent~”
With Queen Menace dancing as well, the audience’s enthusiasm spread out, and before they knew it, it had extended to the whole town.
“How weird though, there seem to be some people who hate the very sight of my dance.”
Maybe it was prohibited because it attracted too much attention, but Luna Luna’s dance had been regarded as something dirty that disturbed the public morals by the Pope’s board, and the moves had been banned in various places.
“They don’t really understand it... I know!”
Clap, Menace clapped her hands.
“Miss Luna Luna should just become a citizen of my reborn Amara Kingdom. Something like the authority of the Pope’s board, is just like a candle in comparison to the flame that is the greatness of the Amara Kingdom!”
“Milady, that’s a sharp proposal!”
“Wao, I appreciate the offer!”
Pleased with Menace’s proposal, Luna Luna’s dance grew more and more extreme.
Giggle, I won’t lose just yet.”
It might not that long until the new fashion and culture were born in the middle of the desert.
Due to the wonderful dance of the two dancers, the reborn Amara Kingdom was enveloped in frenzy and riot.


The Inquisitor Sigui was nervous.
She was in the cathedral of the Pope’s board, and around here were the 10 Archbishops, as well as the Archbishop Melpha. As a church official, she shouldn’t need to be that nervous.
“I relieve you of your duties as an Inquisitor.”
Sigui dropped her shoulders at the Archbishop Melpha’s words. As far as the Pope’s board was concerned, Annelotte was heresy itself due to her being a devil , and whatever the consequences were, she had acted together with her no matter the reason, and she couldn’t avoid being punished for it.
“However, all you suppressed the Marshland Witch, that had tempted Queen Claudette and caused calamity in the Continent, and I can’t disregard such achievement. So, for this achievement I deem exceptional, I will appoint you, Inquisitor Sigui, as one of the 10 Archbishops of the Pope’s board, an Inquisitor Bishop.”
“I, I’ll be one of the 10 Archbishops?”
Sigui shouted, bewildered at the unexpected promotion.
“Do you object?”
“No, that’s... I just couldn’t imagine... someone as inexperienced as me could fill the position.”
She had no intention of going against a decision from the Pope’s board.
“To congratulate you, Sigui, for your appointment as an Inquisitor Bishop, I shall grant you my “Blessing”...”
The Archbishop Melpha majestically spread both legs on top of the altar.
Receiving the Holy Pose: Blessing, Sigui’s heart was filled with warmth. But, the realization that something was out of place got Sigui’s attention.
“Archbishop, for this Holy Pose... opening your legs like that, isn’t it a little lacking?”
She couldn’t keep silent.
The atmosphere in the cathedral froze with Sigui’s words.
“According to the sacred scriptures, the Holy Pose: Blessing is like...”
Sigui began to make the pose for “Blessing” herself in front of the Archbishop Melpha.
It seems Sigui’s personality won’t change even if she becomes a bishop.

I wonder what became of Mirim's promise to give the witch's castle to Menace, seems like now it's the twins who got the short straw here... but maybe Menace's new culture boom with Luna Luna will make her forget, she's an airhead like that.
Nice to see Melpha's doing alright, and even leveling up at that. Though it was obvious Sigui's obsessive character won't be changing anytime soon, her defeat against Annelotte was proof enough.

Next: we end with the strongest fighters!


  1. Does the announcement of the Vanquished Queens anime mean the Vanquished Queens 2 visual book won't be released this month as we had expected?

    1. I don't think so, the book is still scheduled for next week everywhere. And, it would be weird if we didn't see Laila's ministory before the anime.

  2. Ah, so it's next week, that's good news.

    Here's hoping you'll be translating it.

  3. Menace & Luna luna, now that's a great combo. And when did Melpha become bishop? Sigui's ending was good.

    1. Apparently sometime during Rebellion? It's the first we've heard about her in a long time, anyways.
      And considering that her level up should warrant a new outfit, I'm all for seeing her again one way or another.

    2. Last she was mentioned was in the perfect QB book i think with some franz, but yea definitely they should bring her back. She & sigui doing the poses, that is a sight :)

  4. How nice for Melpha, becoming an archbishop like that! Though I wonder what happened to Franz...

    I wonder, since Sigui was surrounded by all ten archbishops (and I presume that there can be only ten), who's being demoted (or maybe promoted?) to make room for her? Or maybe I'm wrong and there can be any number?

    It's interesting that Menace is in two out of three of these endings. So the Taimashii Twins fled from her kingdom (albeit without returning home), but Luna Luna chose to stay? I'm a little surprised, if only because Luna Luna seemed like she'd want to go back home; still, I suppose she's happy wherever her dances are popular.

    1. From Melpha's words, maybe each archbishop manages one thing (Sigui being the "inquisitor" one), so I'm betting on some nameless guy being demoted here. It's funny how we barely know anything about the pope or its board, though.

      And yeah, from the witch's castle, the twins probably went in the opposite direction to Shai-Fang and were by the Kahn Oasis when they were approached, and Luna Luna presumably was on her way home (her forest is past the Amara desert), and chose to stay because of the dances. Not that Amara and her forest are that far away, anyways.

    2. probably more than 10 arcbishps. Franz must have got burned by one of the poses lol.

    3. Melpha can't get a break can she? From Melpha's vainquished queens story to Sigui's ending, aaaaalways gotta be reminded that Sigui does it all better than Melpha does.

      Isn't it sad, Melpha...

  5. The Luna Luna/Menace alliance is amazing. Archbishop Sigui is going to be boss. Show those amateurs how a Holy Pose is done your holiness.

  6. hey, when did Mirim promise giving the witch's castle to Menace? Did they even meet? Maybe in a manga/book?

    1. Ah yeah, maybe should have linked, it was here:

  7. Wow!1 Menace is really moving up in the world!! I take it The Vance Kingdom will have something to say about that in the near future.