Thursday, October 25, 2012

Queen's Blade Rebellion Endings (I): Yuit & Vante, Captain Liliana & Izumi

After Rebellion's story ended, what happened to the beautiful fighters?
You'll have to read to find out.


Yuit and Vante

“So you’re really leaving.”
Yuit nodded greatly when Annelotte spoke.
“I finished all I could. After this, big bro only has to do her best.”
Fate had made them both lead the Rebel Army, she as a strategist. Yuit had also lent a hand with the method towards recovery. Yuit’s wit and Vante’s strength played a big role in getting the dispersed citizens to return, restoring the buildings, securing drinking water by means of establishing a water supply, maintaining the highway and recultivating the farmland.
From there, it was the turn of the lawful owner of the Margraviate, Annelotte, to move.
“Where are you going after this?”
“I think I told you before, I’m going to look for Rana and the others.”
Rana was the son of the Weapon Merchant Cattleya, an old friend of Yuit’s mother, who was still missing.
“He’ll be growing up in no time, if I don’t look for him soon, I probably won’t find him...”
Unlike the Little Elves, that always looked young, Rana was a normal human, who could have already grown into a fine young man.
After all, from a father like Owen, known as the Dragon Smiter, and a mother like the Weapon Merchant Cattleya, it wasn’t likely that their son Rana would stay a pretty child forever.
“...Will you be okay on your own?”
Yuit smiled wrily at Annelotte asking anxiously. Undoubtedly, regarding Yuit, she still considered her a child.
“I’ll be fine. I’m not a child anymore.”
Yuit wrote runes on her control device as she smiled bitterly at Annelotte.
“Big bro, do your best. Because I think this will be harder than the war.”
As Annelotte saw Vante kneeling and her climbing onto the doll’s shoulders, she realized once again that this girl had grown much more than herself.
Yuit had already decided her goal and was acting of her own volition. In that case, what Annelotte shouldn’t do was worrying about her.
“That’s right... I’ll do my best to make this Yuit’s new hometown.”
That was the best action she could take to repay the favor to her.
“Yeah, I’ll look forward to it. Big bro.”
Waving her hand at Annelotte, Yuit and Vante departed.
Whether or not she can meet Rana, that’s another story...

Captain Liliana & Izumi

Several men crossed the dim alley of the port city.
“Dammit, she’s quick on her feet.”
“Did you look in the other alley?”
After holding her breath watching this situation, Izumi calmly let out a big sigh.
“What annoying fellows... I was one of the members of the Rebel Army who defeated the Marshland Witch, I’m a heroine, something like food, wouldn’t you usually offer me some?”
Izumi pouted as she rubbed her belly. Grumble, her stomach rumbled while she bore the hunger.
“Even a heroine can’t win while hungry... good grief, I wonder if Queen’s Blade will start soon.”
The Rebel Army had broken up, and the beautiful fighters had spread here and there through the Continent, in order to go back to their hometown or carry out their goals.
Izumi too was polishing her skills before the start of Queen’s Blade, but her travels through the Continent to gain experience in combat had taken a turn for the worse…
“If I don’t have gold, I can’t get any food, this is quite hard.”
Izumi listened around her, and slowly came out of her hiding place.
“Found you.”
Her body stiffened when someone suddenly called out to her.
“If it’s about the food bill, put it in my tab. I’ll achieve the victory at Queen’s Blade, and become Queen.”
Izumi turned her face slowly, and saw the annoyed expression of the one who had called out to her.
“It’s you...”
“I’ll take you up on your offer. Even though you addressed Captain Liliana like that.”
“W, what for?”
“I’m gathering a crew to restart my pirate activities. And warriors with exceptional strength.”
“Warriors? By any chance, do you mean me?”
Izumi’s voice pitched nervously. She was aware that she had no match among the beautiful fighters of the Rebel Army that fought Liliana. But actually, she couldn’t defeat Liliana...
“That’s right. You’re who I want... a samurai still with room to grow, as free as a bird.”
Izumi involuntarily clutched her fist at Liliana’s honest words.
“Ho, hohou-, that was the correct answer. But I have one condition.”
With her face revealing the joy at her abilities being recognized, Izumi declared, throwing out her chest:
“This Izumi of the War God Style, doesn’t intend to follow any evil principles and steal from the weak.”
“Do not worry about that. Since the witch who ordered me to do evil deeds was destroyed, I’m a free woman now. I swear by my name of Great Pirate, my days of indiscriminate pillaging are over.”
“Well said... Don’t you forget those words.”
Izumi grasped Liliana’s hand.
“Do we have a deal, then?”
“Why don’t we eat something first? Can’t lend ya my strength on an empty stomach.”
“Let’s go to a bar after this and have a toast, for the rebirth of Liliana’s pirate team’s activities.”
“Since you say it’s a toast, you mean it’s your treat?”
“The 6th Pirate Aesthetics says: “Give generously to your comrade, steal generously from your enemy”... Are you my comrade? Or...”
“Probably a comrade? Feed me generously.”
Captain Liliana who regained her freedom, and the master fencer Izumi who came from Hinomoto. Their adventures would enliven the Continent for a little longer.

So Cattleya & Rana are still missing from when they headed to the witch's castle as per her original ending, now that the witch is no longer there, they shouldn't be that hard to find...?
And it's quite fitting that Liliana and Izumi end up together, both basically no longer have a home to go back to (Liliana's death happened before Annelotte was born, and Izumi's lie was found out in Hinomoto), so a live of adventure is perfect for them.

Next: goblins, dwarves and angels!


  1. VERY interesting find, LB! I'm curious where these came from? This seems like something from a (still unannounced, insofar as I know) "QBR Perfect Visual Collection," and yet these seem to have come out much more quickly!

    Also, it's interesting that even a year after the last Queen's Blade, Cattleya and Rana are still missing. Since they went to the Marshlands that long ago, I wonder if they had a bad ending (or perhaps were kept alongside Branwen as slaves)? Hopefully we'll find out someday.

    1. Oh, I thought I mentioned them before? These are included in the 3rd volume of the stories, maybe to compensate for the somewhat short ending.

      Of course, I'm expecting that same book you mention to be announced one day, to hopefully cover what the original chars have done in Rebellion.

  2. when are the other characters releasing?

    1. We'll see the next batch of characters in like a week and a half.
      It'd be faster if we had a proper translator working on these, but since I have to struggle with the moonrunes and all the other stuff, it takes time ^^U

    2. Aww man, great job though. Damn man not much translators do this series. Cant wait for those.

  3. do you know if QB struggle is translated or can be found anywhere?

    1. It's not translated yet, that's for sure (maybe we'll work on it after Exiled Warrior is done?), and I think you can only find a couple scans here and there, like the first chapter or something.

    2. BTW these QBR illustrated stories are same as the anime or is there a change? I gotta read the whole thing
      And those QB vanquished queens, is there going to be a book 2?

    3. The illustrated stories are way different than how the anime has adapted Rebellion's story so far.
      And yes, next month Vanquished Queens 2 is coming out, like the first part it won't really be canon, but it'll be interesting nonetheless.

    4. I see, the illustrated stories are over right? So VQ is not part of the story, just kinda extra "fan service"? lol

  4. I got QB Struggle's manga here and could scan it whenever, but frankly, it has NO furigana so I'm guessing Leecher will have quite the heyday translating that (well, about as much as the usual stuff here but more than Exiled Warrior). Plus, it's also longer at 4 volumes.

    For now, we focus on Exiled Warrior!

  5. Hmm...I wonder...
    What are the chances that all this would be incorporated into the QBB game?
    The story is amazing so far and seeing it in the game makes it feel more whole and complete somehow~

    1. If you just mean the endings, I guess I can add them as soon as the four batches are done.
      If you mean the Story Mode completed with the Rebellion stuff... I'd rather wait until I have more canon material translated, to make it as close as possible. And with that, I'm referring to the elusive "dialogues"... ^^U

    2. [laughs]
      Take your time~
      You are doing lots of work without any pay...just don't let it burned out because of wellwishers and fans like us!

  6. Just stumbled on QBB and think this is an awesome idea and would love to join the fun. My question is can I play using my tablet? I hope the answer is yes as I own several of the books, but cant find amyone to play with.

    1. Well, it only works on Windows, so I don't know about the tablet. And since we don't have any kind of server, you'll probably need to find someone to play with before using QBB's online mode...
      For a fan effort, I guess that's about as far as we can get ^^U

  7. I pray that Rana and Cattleya are safe. After reading Yuit's ending, I have a new found respect for her. Also I guess Liliana and Izumi are going to live life as adventurers. I wonder what became of my girl Melona?