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QB Exiled Warrior 7 + Queen's Blade Rebellion Endings (II): Branwen, Eilin & Ymir & Laila

Here's one of those rare joint posts, so to speak! On one hand, we start the second volume of the manga with a dash of political intrigue, guest starring another of the chars:

Download it here, and enjoy! (I think the files are repeated twice? Our bad ^^U)

And on the other hand, here's the next batch of endings.

Enjoy! (x2)


“Branwen, you next match was decided.”
Dogura’s voice resounded through the carriage covered in iron bars.
“This match’s opponent is a young noble girl hoping to participate in the next Queen’s Blade. Defeat her the most flashily you can for me.”
“…Is that okay? If I win, I’ll be that much closer to my freedom.”
“Kekeke, it’s nice that you’re so aggressive... Don’t forget that your important dragon is still in my hands.”
Dogura laughed with a smirk, and looked at Branwen as if he was going to lick her body.
“Since the great witch is gone, it won’t do unless I make money off you... if you don’t win to a certain extent, I’ll be in trouble. Besides...”
Saying so, Dogura threw a brand new sword at Branwen’s feet. Even at a glance, she could tell it was something with superior quality and high precision.
“You can look at it as this benevolent gentleman letting you use better weapons.”
Branwen silently took the sword in her hands. It was lighter than she expected, and fit her hand as if tailored.
It’d be easy to cut down Dogura with this sword and escape. But, was there any honor to meet her proud dragon after all these years with such a corrupted body?
“This is a good sword...”
It was no match for her cracked sword full of rust. No doubt this was the work of a famous swordsmith.
“Though it’s good, is my opponent worthy of this sword’s first battle...?”
If you noticed, she had become completely stained after fighting every day. What will happen to her when she regains her freedom?
Feeling slightly uneasy, Branwen focused her senses towards the enemy she hadn’t seen yet.
(Will I be alright… just for a little longer?)

Eilin & Ymir & Laila

“Miss Iron Strategist Ymir has arrived! Line up the requested goods!”
“Oou, certainly! On the reputation of the Gemstone Mountain, we’ll line them up with meticulous quality!”
With a boom, Eilin lined up the strongboxes filled with gems before Ymir, and puffed up a little with pride.
“Will you pay it all in one bundle?”
“Of course! These goods are for the Imperial Guards unit of the new Queen’s Army.”
As she inspected the gems, she pointed at the carriage she had ridden there.
“The whole cargo is your reward.”
“Thanks to Ymir sis, the Gemstone Mountain is thriving as well!”
“Nuhahaha, now you’ll appreciate my ability... uh, isn’t this a little pricey?”
“You’re family, but business is business, and with the price of burnishing the fancy box, guarding it during transport and all other things to consider, don’t you think it’s cheap enough?”
Eilin grinned broadly as she demanded the portion of the expenses Ymir hadn’t considered.
“As I’m the one who has to look after the Gemstone Mountain, since this is all business, I won’t have any mercy.”
“Mm, hmm... I, I see.”
When it came to this, Eilin was a formidably strict opponent. Since they were young, there wasn’t a single time when she had been able to beat her easily.
“By the way, the sword in question, did you deliver it properly?”
“Yeah, it reached Branwen through her manager Dogura... What’s the plan, Ymir sis?”
Fufun, it’s just business. Letting a strong beautiful fighter use a weapon from the Iron Mountain would be good advertising.”
She didn’t necessarily sympathize with the circumstances of Branwen, who they had met and fought at the marshland.
“There’s no point in changing the subject, Ymir sis.”
Eilin laughed with an abacus in her hand.
The moment Ymir looked up at the sky, thinking on what she should do, the ceiling collapsed abruptly, and the two people were covered in snow white smoke.
“Kya-! What-! An earthquake?”
“I dunno either, what happened?”
The dust clouds dancing around, preventing them from seeing anything beyond them, just spurred the confusion among them.
“T, that’s...”
Suddenly hearing a carefree voice, Ymir and Eilin exchanged glances.
“That voice... is it Laila?”
“Y, yes... I’m Laila... didn’t I fall and broke the... ceiling?”
Laila turned to the two people with a troubled expression on her face.
“What are you talking to yourself for? You’re the same as always.”
“Weren’t you training in Heaven?”
Tears appeared in Laila’s eyes at the couple’s questions.
“T... that’s.”
“Perhaps, I wonder if that Nanael bullied you.”
Nod nod, Laila nodded hearing Ymir’s words.
“How did you know? Ymir sis.”
“Hm, I’ve seen that face a lot throughout all my trades.”
With a yup, Ymir laughed and stuck out her chest.
“T, that... is it. Miss Eilin... Though it’s been a long time, can I be in your care... again?”
“I don’t mind, I’ll have you work for me, Laila.”
Accepting with an immediate reply, Eilin pointed up at the ceiling broken by the impact from Laila’s fall.
“I’ll have you working at least until you cover the cost of repairs.”
Laila nodded very gladly at Eilin’s words.

Hm, so Dogura is trying to make Branwen win now, but with the amount of "tattoo chain links" Branwen still has, she won't be released any soon. I wonder if Dogura is doing it to improve his business, or has sensed her building anxiety and is just trying to get rid of her before it's too late...?
And I guess we know now what Eilin and Laila used to do together (working and more working), before Laila was recruited for a trainee angel. Funny that she prefers Eilin's company to Nanael's, though...

Next: outsiders and poses galore!


  1. My first guess was that Branweb's new sword was Cattleya's Giant-Killer, but it seems that's not the case. Too bad, as that would have been interesting (if a bit grim for Cattleya and Rana).

    It seems that Branwen has grown comfortable in her slavery; I don't remember honor being such a concern for her before, though I suspect that it makes more sense if you call it "pride."

    1. Well, it was the kanji for "honor" and "face", so maybe it should be "with what face would she meet her dragon...". About the same thing, really.

    2. It's interesting because we were led to believe the treatment was harsh, but it's almost as if Dogura is showing a softer side as well as Branwen getting used to it? It's a slow transitional development.

  2. I dan't download anything from Sendspace, since it gives an error.

    1. Does that happen a lot? Sometimes it takes me a couple of tries but it works in the end.
      If you definitely can't download it from Sendspace or from other sources (E-Hentai, Mangatraders), let us know and I'll guess we'll change mirrors, or something.

    2. I thought I was the only facing that problem with the sendspace error. It happens most of the time.

  3. Not much of an ending. They could have made her slice up dogura with the new sword and take her dragon and be free, go flying around with it.

    1. They could have, which makes it telling that they didn't. Branwen's slavery is a central aspect of her character (to put it another way, it's the fetish that she's created to appeal to), and removing that from her would have been a major alteration to that, to the point where she wouldn't have been the same anymore.

    2. Gotta agree there. The Rebellion Zero manga shows her at one point smiling with her dragon (before both were captured), and while she's the cutest thing ever, she doesn't really look like herself ^^U

    3. in other words she's a real masochist lol

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    1. The Gmail address there doesn't work? It should, maybe you copied the final dot(.) too?
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  5. Not going to lie.I hope the anime gives Branwen a different ending. I did not like this one a bit.

    1. Yeah, I hated this ending too. I think it's really sad that they insist on keeping Branwen as such a stalled character, that has no room to progress...
      Even if she won't free herself, the fact that there's a bunch of powerful heroic characters running around; and not one of them thinks to free slaves; is just...stupid.