Thursday, November 15, 2012

Queen's Blade Backstories: Original Aldra, Alleyne and Ymir

Moving forward, we land back into original Queen's Blade territory.
Since I'm technically cheating by using one of the english versions, you get 3 of these instead.
And I guess using the "majestic plural" must be a custom among Queen's Blade queens, since Claudette would use it later too.




A huge arena towered over the capital of Gainos.
The place where the Queen’s Blade fight that decided the throne of the Queen unfolded. Decorating there, was a countless group of stone statues of female fighters with an agonizing expression on their faces, that weren’t something a carver had made.
By the power of our Demon Eye, we can turn those who are alive into a statue.
When we want to be lost in thought, away from the aides of the nagging Imperial Court, we come here and polish the stone statues.
“Beautiful Aldra. Your lovely eyes full of sorrow seem to be sucking me in.”
The name of this man approaching us spewing corny lines is Delmore.
We made a contract with this evil spirit, to obtain the power of the Netherworld.
His price was, “spend the eternity together.”
Though we usually leave him alone because he isn’t particularly harmful, sometimes he can get quite annoying.
The reason why we had to become Queen, why we needed to gain strength, that’s…
“You’re worried about your sister, Aldra.”
Our beloved sister. That’s everything to us.
It had become a lifelong separation more than eight years ago, and though we’ve kept looking for her, we haven’t found her in the end.
Letters and gifts from her have arrived, though, so we’re certain that she’s alive somewhere.
We’ll use up all the power we have as a Queen, and we’ll meet our younger sister by all means!
Therefore, we’ll keep winning, we must continue being the Queen.
Tomorrow will finally be the tournament’s finals. That’ll be when the fool to challenge us and decorate this will be decided…
Sure enough, can Aldra achieve three consecutive victories in the tournament?
They won’t know that unless they fight.


(In case you can't read it, and slightly changing the last 2 lines for consistence:)

The warrior elves are lined up in the training area in the forest.
They are young; all not even 50 years old.
“Next, you.”
At my signal, a young warrior charges at me with a sword.
It is a crystal-clear stroke, one that reminds me of water in a lake.
However, you cannot become strong with pure feelings alone.
“There is a significant difference between a staff’s reach and the reach of a sword. Momentum alone won’t shorten that. You need to learn to be wary. 10 points.”
I quickly brush his feet and use the staff to lash at him.
Even as I conduct the drills, my mind can only think of a young girl's face.
"Master Alleyne!"
A bright smile that is like the surface of water reflecting the sun. An endlessly positive girl with a golden heart.
I wonder what she is doing right now?
"Master Alleyne! Everyone has finished sparring!"
They had called to me many times. I finally come to, and end the training.
What has happened to me?
I've been living for a thousand years, but now, even a day seems horribly long.
I can't stay calm.
I can't believe that I could feel this way.
Then, someone came into the training area.
She is not a warrior-in-training. I can tell her fighting capability is very high.
"My temper right now is worse than a mother bear. It will not be an easy drill."
Sure enough, can Alleyne drill this strange opponent?
They won’t know that unless they fight.


Tens of thousands of raving spectators are crowding the arena.
Besides, by the hand of the Royal Court Mages, isn’t it said that a crystal ball broadcasts this match through the whole Continent?
Good, good.
It’s the perfect opportunity to show to the whole world the peerless strength and beauty of my arms!
Watch this, my fellow Dwarf Tribe members. Because I’ll win by all means, and I’ll return the Iron Mountain to the top share once again.
On one hand, if I win and advance to the next round, I can also make a deal with the Queen at the final battle. In exchange for yielding the tournament, I’ll make an exclusive contract with her… Hn? Thinking about it carefully, if I achieve the victory and become the Queen, wouldn’t that solve everything? I should make iron into a monopoly system. Though, isn’t that still tending too much towards short-term profits?
Now, first of all, before the enemy in front of me gets any chance, I’ll deal her a blow with this axe.
Sure enough, can Ymir rebuild the ironworks about to go bankrupt?
They won’t know that unless they fight.


  1. Some interesting info here.

    This builds on the idea, presented earlier, that Queen Aldra was more insane than previously thought, that her "royal wizards" could make her think she was receiving correspondence from her sister.

    Likewise, who is the mysterious opponent that Alleyne faces at the end of her prologue?

    It's also noteworthy that this says the Iron Mountain's ironworks were about to go bankrupt. Was Cattleya alone that much of a threat to their market?

    Either way, great stuff LB! Please keep it coming!

    1. Yeah, Aldra's situation was quite bad, in the end it was for the best that she lost, while she was still sane...

      And well, I'm not sure if Alleyne is supposed to be fighting "someone we know"... but if she is, considering that she's somewhat impressed by her strength, she doesn't mention weird looks and it has to be someone who passed by the forest, we could probably narrow it down to Elina, a somewhat mature Leina or even Risty, I guess.

      About Ymir, yep we know it was in crisis, Cattleya and Owen had been in the business for like 7 years by then, and though they were the most outstanding in the competition, there probably were other stores competing as well (I mean, there seem to be warriors all over the Continent), with the dwarves' high prices not really helping.