Sunday, December 2, 2012

QB Battle 36.6

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Go, Grimoire, go! Even after a week, both Alicia's and Zara's books are restocking and selling out like crazy, seems like Grimoire is off to a very good start.

Anyways, busy week, so I only translated and added the recent Zara (that plays similar to LW's Hathor):

I also corrected "Laila" not having her proper name, added "first" and "last" buttons when selecting chars and added a not-quite-elegant-but-definitive solution for any vertical scroll bars still appearing, a new editable parameter in the "system.cfg".

Coming next, Zatch Bell (now for real), and HSOTD's Saeko Busujima. Will Alicia be here too? It's hard to tell now, isn't it...?

Plus, I got the QBR Minis, and I have an extra Ymir and Liliana. Guess I'll put them up on Ebay...


  1. Oh wow thanks so much! Zara is awesome sauce!

  2. I didn't expect Zara to be translated so soon. You really pulled through. Can't wait to see how Alicia plays.

    Also, Flying Buffalo is saying they'll get the books in by mid December, and opened preorders the day after the books were released in Japan. If Japanese stock is selling out as fast as they are, I suspect that they might sell out quickly too.

  3. wow, i'm impressed with Zara, Thanks.

  4. Thanks so much! Zara is very cool!

  5. I have a question about Zara, I was looking at her profile on the Wiki, and it says "She's a true good person that became a demon hunter in order to prevent people in sorrowful circumstances to end up like her, though she won’t reveal her mouth."
    What does it mean she won't reveal her mouth? when I read that a few months ago I thought we wouldn't see her mouth because it was messed up or something, but in the scans we see it a lot, so I don't really understand it.

    1. i think it had more of something to do with her being hidden, sort of like a vigilante, in that she couldn't show her face.

    2. Hm, I had a bit of trouble translating that part, but seems like the best translation of "口には出さないが" is "though she won't express it directly"... my bad ^^U

  6. Here's Rikku...

    The steal and alchemy arts are not the best but I guess you can substitute them with any "ready"-like pic...

    So as a Thief, she should be quickly slashing about...not much resistance though, she's practically fighting in a swimsuit..

    Her extra dmg vs mechanical enemies should be the "Steal" ability but I don't know what would you want to happen to non-mechanical targets (steals an ability point? maybe it knocks them down?)...

    Her alchemy could result in healing, elemental dmg and other magic effects, but most likely it would result in something explosive, with grenades being the tamest...(I liked just randomly mixing stuff in the game to see what happened)...oh! maybe her "steal" boosts her alchemy she was stealing materials to mix...mmm tres bien!

    Anyways, have fun and good luck!

    1. Oh, much better this way, now she seems like she has about the right amount of attacks, good work.

    2. Thanks!

      I just have a lot of downtime at work and I am a long-time member and user of deviantart and related art sites...I know the ins and outs of many of them...

      So whoever needs help gathering pics for a character, feel free to recruit me...if I'm interested in the character that is...mwahahaha...lucky for you, I have many characters I like...