Thursday, June 25, 2015

Queen's Maid : Final Results

We're finally here, it is time to announce our victor...
It's been a long time coming, and we've seen many twists and turns all throughout the competition, but as I've said once before, only one may succeed...

Queen's Maid : The Final Battle - Aldra, Airi and Iroha step into the ring of honor! Who will emerge as the Ultimate Maid this time!?

3rstRepayer of Kindness, Iroha (29 Votes / 26.6%)
2ndThe Summoner, Aldra (33 Votes / 30.3%)
1rst - The Infernal Temptress, Airi (47 Votes / 43.1%)

Congratulations Airi, on your victory in this Second Queen's Maid Tournament! You, for the second time in a row, are our Ultimate Maid. 
Let us have a round of applause, it couldn't have been easy to keep her title considering the fierce opposition Iroha and Aldra offered!Could the allure of such a high quality maid be the reason for their loss or could it simply be that Airi's seductive wiles were too much to hope to resist for fans of the opposition? 

Now that the dust has settled, we must say a final farewell to our two last maid hopefuls, Iroha and Aldra, whom fought with everything they had to take down the Netherworld Wraith. A tough but fair battle, there is no shame in that now is there?
Will Iroha ever best Airi in a maid on maid battle?
Will Al ever appear in more animated works?
Find out in the next Queen's Maid!
Till then, see you soon!! 

...Oh, right. The prize, I almost forgot. Well, as a particular one of you in the comments guessed (whom I had to sandbag by not replying, lest I spoil it), I will be commissioning some art to celebrate the victory! To which artist, well that I can't say right now, since mot of my favorites are currently occupied, but it will happen. Try and look forward to one of our future Queen's Blade Commissions posts and stay tuned!

P.S I accidentally deleted one of the Queen's Maid posts, the one
 indicating Round 2 : Battle 2's results, my bad! There's no real way to recover it or the comments within it due to how blogger works unfortunately, so I hope you'll all understand.

Thank you all for participating in our little poll event, we both really appreciate your enthusiasm!

And with that, I'll see you all in the next Intermission!

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