Thursday, June 4, 2015

Queen's Maid : 3rd Round - Battle 2 Results

Our final battle amongst our maid hopefuls has come to a close! And now for the results of this battle of light versus dark, this battle's winner is...

Queen's Maid : Third Round - Battle 2 Winner

The shadows fade before the sunlight.

Repayer of Kindness, Iroha

A resounding victory has taken place for Eastern Maids everywhere as Iroha takes the final spot for the battle against Airi, joining Al from Queen's Blade Rebellion as her rival. Grace, poise and maid-like devotion of her caliber is truly a hard thing to match, so it should come as no surprise that fans would favor her above so many others already.

Though, her victory came with a price, the last of the representatives for the Classic Queen's Blade series has fallen, leaving only Rebellion and Gate in its wake. Irma fought valiantly, but all in all, even in the darkest depths, there will always be a ray of light somewhere to fight back. Still, Irma, you did your absolute best against imposing odds, and for that, we commend your efforts all the same!

Will Irma ever find inner peace?

Stay tuned to find out!

And now... one last break before the final battle! Though we did say the final battle would take place after the third round, we wanted to fit this particular poll in before the tournament's end so it only felt right to do so at this moment. But do not fret dear fans, for this is no ordinary break, it is time for the Queen's Maid Loser's Bracket!

Well, in any normal situation, a double elimination tournament would require a set of Loser's BracketS, however, in the interest of time, we'll simply be limiting things to this one particular round instead.

For this battle, each voter will have 3 votes to work with! 
3 Votes, 14 potential maids of which to choose from, choose your favorites, choose those you consider the most talented of those who found defeat, but no matter what, choose wisely! Who will reach the top this time? Will there be any surprise upsets from a character who was eliminated very early on? Who knows!
Our latest battle begins now!
Who will take their second chance and find victory?
Let those who've fallen dance once more to find out!

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