Thursday, June 11, 2015

Queen's Maid : The Final Battle

Welcome all participants, to the Final Round of the Queen's Maid Tournament!
Many brooms, feather dusters, aprons and ladles have clashed all throughout the course of the tournament to bring us to where we are today. It has been a long time coming, but this is the fight that will finally crown this year's Ultimate Maid!

Queen's Maid : Final Round

The end draws near, may the best maid win!

Each Voter will be limited to only 1 Vote for this battle.

As I've mentioned before, in a battle to decide the best of the best, it's only natural to have each participant only able to rely on those who believe in them above all others after all.

 As far as additional rules go, there is but one major difference between this round and the prior ones. Unlike in the previous rounds, where a tie simply added another contestant to the next round, this time, should the highest voted tie be between Airi and any other contestant, victory will ultimately remain within the hands of our reigning champion, Airi, leaving her rival with only second place.

However, should the tie be between her rivals, leaving Airi in the dust behind them... well, it's highly unlikely that would ever happen, but let's just say the old rules would work just fine for a tie between Iroha and Aldra.

As for the ultimate winner... expect yet another week long pause in the tournament before we can announce who that might be, as we'll be needing a little extra time to prepare a suitable post for our lucky winner.

Now then, our maids have waited a long time for this! 
So without further ado, let the battle commence!

Allow us to reintroduce our participants.

The Summoner, Aldra
Maid Specialty : Everything
Lesser Known, but applicable, Maid Traits : Incredibly friendly
Negative : Relies too much on unreliable summoned beasts for battle

Previously known as The Queen of Gainos as well as the Bewitching Queen, Aldra, now commonly referred to as Al, is now mostly known for her devotion towards her beloved Darling (the player) as their young wife, a similar situation to that of Iroha's. Al's boundless love is near miraculous, making it a very hard thing for anyone to hope to ever match, a very good trait in a maid, but even more remarkable is her staggering skill and willpower, traits that make it so that, when her Darling is involved, results are a near guarantee no matter what task she need undertake.

 "Darling, I'll do my best for you!"

Repayer of Kindness, Iroha
Maid Specialty : Everything
Lesser Known, but applicable, Maid Traits : Food Gathering
Negative : Her true form seems to be that of a crane, awkward

Well known and incredibly popular within certain circles, Iroha is a crane who transforms herself into a Japanese Style Maid. The level of devotion she harbors for her master is the stuff of legends, and something very few can hope to ever match. In terms of experience, Iroha is actually rather lacking in it, staying human mostly for the sake of her master while being a crane when her human form isn't needed. However, what she lacks in time she makes up in sheer skill and will, able to work with unmatched precision at nearly any maid like task put before her.

  "Just you wait, Master! 
I'll prove to you that I can fulfill any of your desires!"

The Infernal Temptress, Airi
Maid Specialty : Everything
Lesser Known, but applicable, Maid Traits : Likes to dance
Negative : A little disobedient when not kept well fed

A summoned wraith from the Netherworld who took on the guise of a maid at the behest of her master, the Swamp Witch. While it is possible for her to change her outfit at will should she choose to, her devotion is such that she refuses to stray from the uniform her master asked her to wear unless she's not on the job, which is never as far as she's concerned. Well known for feeding on the life force of others with a kiss, Airi's devilish whims, unyielding loyalty to her master even after removing the command seal meant to secure her obedience and bed side manner all make for a bit of a tough servant to read at times, but one whose traits all combine to form the envy of aspiring maids everywhere. Charm, loyalty, skill, impishness... Think about it, would it be too farfetched to say that the perfect maid is not only someone who follows, but someone who is fully capable and willing to take the lead?

  "Welcome back, Master. I've dutifully tempted three more to the Netherworld in your absence."

Artist Representation of last year's results
Artist Representation of last year's results
Artist Representation of last year's results

The final battle is upon us!
Who will take the seat of Ultimate Maid this year?
Only the maid who is loved the most by those who believe in her can prevail!