Thursday, June 25, 2015

Queen's Blade : Rare Stuff Part 2

Welcome back to another episode of :

Rare Stuff with Final Agent

Where we shamelessly examine rare artwork we've been hoarding to post during a particular lull in our weekly uploads! Kidding, kidding... actually it's more that we're so busy we rarely have the time to work on them really... Uh, anyways! You're all in for a treat this time as we've received a particularly rare piece of official work thanks to a submission from our good friend Eradose!
Feast your eyes on these!

To hear Eradose mention it, it sounds as if these clear dust jackets were released for a limited time with initial sales of Kan'u's Queen's Gate book, limited edition items are naturally the hardest things things for us to obtain so I'm absolutely thrilled to get a hold of these pics!

 But that's not all we have for you today...

Here's another picture we received from our friend Eradose, a redlined Nyx that can actually be found at the tail end of the Queen's Blade Perfect Visual Book, the difference however being that the book's version is a copy, black and white, while this particular pic seems to be from the original release.
Sure the difference is minute, black lines versus red, but it's still interesting to learn that something you thought was the original actually had an earlier release.

Now, these weren't the only submissions we received from visitors to the Queen's Blade Battle Blog, however due to a lack of time to clean and prepare the rest of the stuff that was sent to us, this is all we could share from the other visitors for the time being. 
There will be more to come in the future, promise!

Beyond that, please enjoy a few more rare pieces from us instead...

 This one, from one of the Hobby Japan Mega Expo events... and sadly partially censored by me to avoid any potential trouble down the line (let's just say that what used to fly in the old Dragon Ball comics with Goku doesn't fly so well these days and Rana needs a longer skirt). Leecherboy provided a link to the photo, taken from the event while I did the photoshop work to fix up the perspective.

This one was something I obtained from an auction over a year ago... I'm not sure on what its source may be, perhaps a bonus that came with the first few copies of Queen's Blade Struggle? I'm sure we'll find out eventually!

Another Yahoo Auctions purchase, one of the telephone cards based off the series, with 2P Alleyne.

 Yahoo Auctions again, a post card based off the series, with Airi and Menace as drawn by F.S.

 Yahoo Auctions, I have no idea who drew this but the marker prints on the back of the rough paper tell me this is the original copy of this particular drawing as drawn via traditional means. Naturally, this is unofficial, however it is also incredibly rare so...

And that's it for today!
Don't forget, if you've got any Queen's Blade related merchandise you think we might not have, cards, clear files, posters and the like, and that you'd like to share, feel free to contact and send your scans to our email at and we might just... pfft, what am I saying, of course we'll post it here for everyone to enjoy!

See you next time!

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