Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Despina's exclusive Melonbooks clearfile

Just like last week Toranoana's poster was revealed, Melonbooks just posted the clearfile you can get by ordering with them. Unlike the poster though, this looks like two pages of her book side by side, no...? Still, she just looks so nice there :3


  1. Almost looked like it would have been a bookcover, like the one I got for my Kanu book. ...Wonder if it will be on eBay some time after?

    Still want to see some more pictures from the book before I decide to get it. Don't want a repeat of what happened Laila, when I had someone pick it up for me at a con. That was embarrassing, and why I always say that people need to check content before picking up any Queen's Blade book.

    1. Hm, I wouldn't count on these being available later, we're still trying to find exclusive pics from past Grimoires... (that is, Gretel, Goldie and Seiten)

      But uh, what's the matter with Laila again...? I'll give you that her thong-like underwear is ridiculous, but isn't she quite lovely, with her rare starry eyes and everything~?

    2. It's the fact that's she's nude in two pages, and the guy who bought the book for me at a con was kind of conservative. Not to mention he had to hide the book from his kids until he could give it to me. And since he was the head of my D&D group, I got dirty looks for it for a while.

    3. Ah ok, yeah, I can see that. Well, having prude people pick up QB books, you kinda were asking for it as well, lol~

    4. I honestly keep forgetting that Layla gets naked in her book, that had to be awkward.

      Got a steam ID? We could try scheduling something between the three of us sometime to get an actual rating going. (My money is on the dorfs being the tamest)

    5. My ID is the same for every profile I have. It makes me easy to hunt down. "Eradose". It's been my pen name since 2003, and it's never changed.

      I also got a reply from Anime Fargo for approval for a Queen's Blade tournament. But I'm still waiting for reply from Firelight Games on getting the tournament sanctioned (since I ask if there were any rule modifications specifically for Queen's Blade books)

      Finally, since it's my birthday today, I was thinking of using some of the cash I got to get one of the Live books. I'm just not sure which one, since I can't find scans of the book pages. I have to wait until July for Despina, since Firelight won't get her until then, and most eBay sales are going to the $60 and $90 range.

    6. Oh, happy birthday, buddy!

      I've never found scans of the Live books either, but I do hear they might come with special CDs of "making of/outtakes", so I guess pick your favorite model?

      As for Despina, well, if you don't want to use any proxy site to buy from Amazon jp, Toranoana or Melonbooks (...uh, come to think of it, she already sold out there~), you can still try Hobby Search or Ami Ami, no?

    7. Translating pages to English and converting currencies tend to make it a bit more of a hassle. Besides, Firelight usually gets the books a week after the initial launch.

      I also recall they still had the Live Liliana book still in stock, and Flying Buffalo had some copies of the Live Alicia book. I went for Airi, being the most familiar, and closest looking to the original character art. And all the descriptions say that all of them are packaged with a DVD with bonus photos.

  2. Those girls look a bit too... grown up to be mesmerized by the Pied Pipper spell, aren't they? XD