Thursday, June 4, 2015

Despina's exclusive Toranoana picture

First, some juicy QB news from last week's talk event at a MegaHobby thingie, that I hadn't really shared here! A rumor came that the next Grimoire is based on Snow White, drawn by Eiwa, which he confirmed in two tweets. The rumor does go on to say that she'll be called "Sorceress of the Mirror Snow White" (鏡の魔術師スノーホワイト), Alicia's rival, and she'll attack with her apple and mirror.

Additionally, Saitom himself posted that Kaguya's getting a figure soon, and that she'll appear at the Grimoire OVA2 (as we expected~).

And now the reason behind the post itself, those sneaky guys at Toranoana secured themselves an exclusive pic (a B2 bathroom poster, that is) if you buy our newest Grimoire there, as they've been doing since some years ago, apparently.
She kinda didn't look it, but she has some curves in the right places, yaay~!

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  1. Very exciting Grimoire news. Looking forward to Snow White