Thursday, May 14, 2015

Spiral Chaos Freetalks: Puia (1 of 2)

First of all, bad news for Alice's fans :( As I said last week, I did try to make Queen's Gate a "full project" at Baka-Tsuki, to see if we could get more exposure, but the admins apparently aren't as nice towards machine translations as they used to be, and though they're still busy with other things, they probably won't consider volume 1 properly "translated." So, with no one to help us check the translation's quality, that means a long hiatus for Allie's story...

But wasted (?) efforts aside, here we begin the harpy's saga!

Will Puia and Jean hit it off?



  1. Confused by the new poll there is too much non imouto there XD Nowa and Layla for example are master-student with their respectives not imoutous.

    1. They're in mostly because they have the little sister traits added into them, so they're kind of the 'childhood friend' types, much like Yuit. Nowa and Alleyne are very much like family, with even more than a few passing references at the fact that Alleyne considers Nowa cute on a little sister level as well as a yuri level. In Layla's case, that's not in reference to Nanael, she's actually a childhood friend of Eilin, who worries a lot about her.

      So Eilin is sort of the younger sister to Ymir and Layla is sort of the younger sister to Eilin, it's a weird relationship that doesn't get referenced much.

      Also, you may notice that Leina isn't in here, despite basically being a little sister either... well, she kind of lacks that 'aura' on all fronts. There's certainly zero marketing done towards reminding us of that fact anyhow!

  2. Sorry, but Anelotte is more of the nesan type than an imouto type.

    1. Well, in Annelotte's case, it's because she's an actual little sister.

      And actually, the former Aldra wasn't very off describing her when she scolded Elina: "You ignorant. Harsh, annoying, vulgar brat. You are not a younger sister. Younger sisters are noble, humble and loving."