Thursday, May 21, 2015

Queen's Maid : 3rd Round Begins!

 And here is it! The third round!
Our second round having eliminated so many amazing maid candidates already, all that remains now is to narrow the playing field just a slight bit more for our final battle against last year's Ultimate Maid, Airi!

Queen's Maid : Third Round - Battle 1 Participants

Behold, 3 out of our 5 remaining contestants!

Due to unforeseen circumstances, this round will be a free-for-all battle involving three contestants rather than the 1v1 that had originally been planned. However, regardless of the number of participants here and contrary to our past round, voters will only have 1 Vote to make use of this round. This is only natural, as only the strongest can hope to match the Ultimate Maid, and as such, only those given absolute favor by their fans will be able to move on!

Well, for the most part, should another last minute tie somehow occur, the same exception will be made as was made during our previous round, with the lucky participants both (or dare I say it, all three) moving on the final round against Airi!

Once again, allow us to introduce our participants.

The Master of Flame, Nyx
Maid Specialty : Cooking
Lesser Known, but applicable, Maid Traits : Food Gathering, Cleaning
Negative : A very unstable individual sometimes

A wannabe heroine with the ability to control fire through the power of her living staff, Funikura. Normally a very gentle soul, she has developed an alternate, darker personality for herself due to years of abuse at the hands of the noble family she worked for, a personality that Funikura makes use of to force her to win their battles. Nyx's experience as a maid is plentiful, having once been a low-rank maid for the Vance family herself, her cooking is said to be second to none among all beautiful fighters in the classic series.

The Summoner, Aldra
Maid Specialty : Everything
Lesser Known, but applicable, Maid Traits : Incredibly friendly
Negative : Relies too much on unreliable summoned beasts for battle

Previously known as The Queen of Gainos as well as the Bewitching Queen, Aldra, now commonly referred to as Al, is now mostly known for her devotion towards her beloved Darling (the player) as their young wife, a similar situation to that of Iroha's. Al's boundless love is near miraculous, making it a very hard thing for anyone to hope to ever match, a very good trait in a maid, but even more remarkable is her staggering skill and willpower, traits that make it so that, when her Darling is involved, results are a near guarantee no matter what task she need undertake.

The Weapon Merchant, Cattleya
Maid Specialty : Warmth
Lesser Known, but applicable, Maid Traits : Cooking, Experience with child care
Negative : Already married (to Owen)

The legendary MILF of the Queen's Blade series, as described by its creator Hans (paraphrased). She is known throughout the land for her powerful yet affordable weapons, making her a very popular and well-liked individual within the series. Of course, it also bears mentioning that she is often considered in series as one of the 4 strongest fighters on the Continent too, making her very well respected as well. Experience wise, Cattleya has spent much of her time caring and raising her child, Rana, and as such, has gained a great deal of experience with caring for others in the process. If one considers a maid a caretaker, and one's mother as the ultimate caretaker, then Cattleya may be the strongest contender in this tournament yet!

The end draws near!
Will they see it through to its last phase or will they fall here and now!?
Only the one with the most love and heart can succeed!

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