Thursday, May 28, 2015

Queen's Maid : 3rd Round - Battle 1 Results

And thus the first battle for this third round comes to an end... a valiant effort was made by all three of our maid hopefuls, something to be proud of, sadly only one was strong enough to beat the odds and her strongest opponents yet to move on to our final round, and that person is...

Queen's Maid : Third Round - Battle 1 Winner

What an amazing turnout this round!
Over 150 individual voters came to select their favored maid hopeful for this round!
The highest number of votes for any of our polls!
The Summoner, Aldra

Al may have lost her "The Queen" title long ago, but clearly, she still has what it takes to become a winner. Her Maid-like skills and her staggering popularity have certainly done her well so far anyways! Could she be the one who walks away as the Ultimate Maid? We'll have to wait and see!

Now, as always, where the can only be one victor, those who fail to be that victor must suffer the bitter taste of defeat. Though, to be quite frank, both Nyx and Cattleya put up an amazing fight this round, as well as in all the previous ones of the Queen's Maid, eliminating many worthwhile opponents as they advanced. To call them losers by this stage would be a disservice to those efforts, as well as the efforts of those who fell before them. So, good job Nyx and Cattleya! You two may not be Ultimate Maids, but you're certainly incredible all the same!
Will Cattleya's fate in Rebellion ever be cleared up?
Will Nyx ever find happiness?
Stay tuned to find out!

And now, to introduce our final participants for this last round...

The Assassin of the Fang, Irma
Maid Specialty : Determination
Lesser Known, but applicable, Maid Traits : Cleaning, Laundry, Good with animals
Negative : Quiet and nearly never opens her heart

Member of the Queen's Assassins of the Fang and former student of the Veteran Mercenary Echidna, Irma is a secretive woman who lets actions speak for her. Forged by the harsh lessons from her teacher, and driven by a single drive towards success, she has become very familiar with the motto of swiftness and adaptability in near any situation. Another notable trait of hers, which leads into her maid experience, is her mastery of disguises, of which her favorite disguise seems to be that of a mere cleaning woman who works down in the slums. She has been given the nickname of "Strongest Cleaning Lady on the Continent" by some, a good indication that her talent extends far beyond mere assassination and into the dark and dangerous world of maid work.

Repayer of Kindness, Iroha
Maid Specialty : Everything
Lesser Known, but applicable, Maid Traits : Food Gathering
Negative : Her true form seems to be that of a crane, awkward

Well known and incredibly popular within certain circles, Iroha is a crane who transforms herself into a Japanese Style Maid. The level of devotion she harbors for her master is the stuff of legends, and something very few can hope to ever match. In terms of experience, Iroha is actually rather lacking in it, staying human mostly for the sake of her master while being a crane when her human form isn't needed. However, what she lacks in time she makes up in sheer skill and will, able to work with unmatched precision at nearly any maid like task put before her.

A woman who has always lived life in the shadows like an injured beast versus a woman who has always flown happy and carefree in the sun.
Dark versus Light, will Dark lose yet again, will Light falter?
May the most tenacious of maids/cleaning ladies take it home!


  1. NOOOOOOOOOO Nyx lost!!!!!
    well, at least the winner isn't Cattleya (yeah, I don't like her :p)

    1. I love Cattleya :P I love Nyx too. I like Aldra but she was third for me in this poll... but at least it isn't loli Aldra (or any other loli), tho. I guess I'm rooting for Iroha now.

    2. dude, a duel Irma VS aldra would be awesome^^

    3. I'm just voting for who I'd think make a better maid, really. But even when it comes to match ups, Aldra would make a more interesting match up with Iroha since they have a similar story/background with how they're basically both maids to serve their master (who happpens to be "the player" in both cases). And have you seen Iroha fight? She's basically called God-tier and broken in Samurai Showdown 6 for being too OP, lol.