Thursday, May 21, 2015

Queen's Blade Little Sister Battle Poll Results

And thus concludes yet another kind of battle, so did your favorite little sister do well? Well, let's find out! So, in this poll to determine whom visitors would prefer having to deal with day in and day out as their little sister during an adventure, you've chosen...

You get 3 votes here! Let the Little Sister Battle begin! 
Who makes for the best little sister archetype?

1rst - The Overly Serious Little Sis, Annelotte  (38 Votes / 20.4%)
By Eiwa

2nd - The Covetous Younger Sibling, Elina (35 Votes / 18.8%)
By Umanosuke

3rd - The Adoptive Hard-Working Junior, Nowa (25 Votes / 13.4%)
By Shigehiro
4th - The Clever Yet Shy Younger Twin, Sainyang (24 Votes / 12.9%)
 4th - The Reliable & Loving Childhood Friend, Yuit (24 Votes / 12.9%)
 6th - Airheaded and Ditzy Younger Sister, Layla (20 Votes / 10.7%)

 7th - The Friendly And Competitive Younger Cousin, Eilin (16 Votes / 8.6%)
 8th - The Quiet Tyrant Imouto, Tino (4 Votes / 2.1%)

So as it turns out, a bunch of you seem to agree that the more mature the little sister, the better! Perhaps I should try holding a Big Sister Brawl sometime in the future for you all...

In any case, so did one of your top three little sisters rank highly on the list? It was a really close battle for some of our contestants, particularly near the middle of the list, where fans seemed to have a tough time agreeing on their second and third picks.

But now, time for our regularly scheduled Queen's Maid battle! We can only hope that the next time the Little Sister battle takes place, that more contestants will be present to try and show everyone their appeal as a little (or middle) sister!
By Ishibashi Yukiko

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