Thursday, May 7, 2015

Queen's Maid : 2nd Round - Battle 1 Results

The first battle of the 2nd round is now over! And you know what that means, two more participants have been eliminated from the standings, leaving two winners and those two are...

Queen's Maid : Second Round - Battle 1 Winners

The Master of Flame, Nyx
Repayer of Kindness, Iroha

With the double vote system in place, the percentages were a lot closer than I would have expected from a single vote round! Still, only two winners could be chosen and it looks like the fans chose the two more skilled/experienced maids of the bunch to carry on to the next round! Did Iroha's human form charm make up for her natural crane state? Was it the thought of poor Nyx in a maid uniform that helped her? Who knows! Wish them both luck in the next round regardless!

And of course, with the good comes the bad, as both Vante and Dizzy are eliminated, fortunately for both Queen's Gate and Queen's Blade Rebellion however, there still remains more representatives of their respective series left in the standings!
Will Vante ever get some decent screen time?
Will Dizzy ever be playable in the new Guilty Gear games?
Stay tuned to find out!

 Next, introducing our final contestants for this round!

The Assassin of the Fang, Irma
Maid Specialty : Determination
Lesser Known, but applicable, Maid Traits : Cleaning, Laundry, Good with animals
Negative : Quiet and nearly never opens her heart

Member of the Queen's Assassins of the Fang and former student of the Veteran Mercenary Echidna, Irma is a secretive woman who lets actions speak for her. Forged by the harsh lessons from her teacher, and driven by a single drive towards success, she has become very familiar with the motto of swiftness and adaptability in near any situation. Another notable trait of hers, which leads into her maid experience, is her mastery of disguises, of which her favorite disguise seems to be that of a mere cleaning woman who works down in the slums. She has been given the nickname of "Strongest Cleaning Lady on the Continent" by some, a good indication that her talent extends far beyond mere assassination and into the dark and dangerous world of maid work.

The Summoner, Aldra
Maid Specialty : Everything
Lesser Known, but applicable, Maid Traits : Incredibly friendly
Negative : Relies too much on unreliable summoned beasts for battle

Previously known as The Queen of Gainos as well as the Bewitching Queen, Aldra, now commonly referred to as Al, is now mostly known for her devotion towards her beloved Darling (the player) as their young wife, a similar situation to that of Iroha's. Al's boundless love is near miraculous, making it a very hard thing for anyone to hope to ever match, a very good trait in a maid, but even more remarkable is her staggering skill and willpower, traits that make it so that, when her Darling is involved, results are a near guarantee no matter what task she need undertake.

The Weapon Merchant, Cattleya
Maid Specialty : Warmth
Lesser Known, but applicable, Maid Traits : Cooking, Experience with child care
Negative : Already married (to Owen)

The legendary MILF of the Queen's Blade series, as described by its creator Hans (paraphrased). She is known throughout the land for her powerful yet affordable weapons, making her a very popular and well-liked individual within the series. Of course, it also bears mentioning that she is often considered in series as one of the 4 strongest fighters on the Continent too, making her very well respected as well. Experience wise, Cattleya has spent much of her time caring and raising her child, Rana, and as such, has gained a great deal of experience with caring for others in the process. If one considers a maid a caretaker, and one's mother as the ultimate caretaker, then Cattleya may be the strongest contender in this tournament yet!

She Who Fights Destiny, Pyrrha
Maid Specialty : None
Lesser Known, but applicable, Maid Traits : Conflict-averse, submission
Negative : Crippling anxiety and self-esteem issues

Described by some as the "Harbinger of Misfortune", Pyrrha is a young woman who has been cursed with the pain of solitude her entire life. Her fighting style itself reflects much of her personality and her manner of dealing with problems, apologetic and desperate for any small glimmer of peace. It can be said due to this, and even further secrets laying within her, that her fate is one that can never be escaped, and that profound sadness will always be there to haunt her. As far as maid abilities go, sadly, Pyrrha lacks much in terms of them as well, her only bit of experience being when she was brought in to be the servant of a young noble a short while before she took up the sword. While this may leave her ill-equipped in terms of skills and knowledge, Pyrrha does try her best and her meek personality coupled with her desire for happiness make her surprisingly easy to deal with, even normal one could say, when compared to some other contestants.

Our contestants battle for... reasons!
The wheel of fate is turning, who will come out on top?
Only the strongest maids will find out!

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