Thursday, April 30, 2015

Queen's Maid : 2nd Round Begins!

Let the second round begin!
With our first round over and done with, our first round victors must now square off against one another to determine who will advance to the 3rd Round!

Queen's Maid : Second Round - Battle 1 Participants

Let's have a round of applause for our ultimate maid hopefuls!
As mentioned before, voters in the 2nd round of proceedings will be able to Vote Twice rather than be limited by our usual Single Vote style of voting. Whether this leads to some rather shocking developments or leads to even more crushing defeats, only time will tell!

In the meantime, allow us to explain the rules for the following round. As with the prior round, each battle will have 2 victors advancing to the next round, with the losers being eliminated from the Winner's Pool. The double vote rule will only be applied in this round, so don't forget to make use of it while you have the chance!

The 3rd Round will introduce 1v1 battles with our final 4 contestants, so look forward to that!

And now, introducing our contestants.

The Child of Fate, Dizzy
Maid Specialty : Love
Lesser Known, but applicable, Maid Traits : Food Gathering, Chores
Negative : Necro & Undine often disobey her, they are fiercely protective too

Known as the 'Maiden of the Grove', this pacifistic girl was created to be the ultimate being of destruction. While she herself holds no desire to harm anyone, her systems (Necro & Undine) have no such qualms. As far as experience as a maid goes, she has done her fair share of chores with the crew of the Mayship, a pirate vessel manned by a group of war orphans and their leader, Johnny.

Repayer of Kindness, Iroha
Maid Specialty : Everything
Lesser Known, but applicable, Maid Traits : Food Gathering
Negative : Her true form seems to be that of a crane, awkward

Well known and incredibly popular within certain circles, Iroha is a crane who transforms herself into a Japanese Style Maid. The level of devotion she harbors for her master is the stuff of legends, and something very few can hope to ever match. In terms of experience, Iroha is actually rather lacking in it, staying human mostly for the sake of her master while being a crane when her human form isn't needed. However, what she lacks in time she makes up in sheer skill and will, able to work with unmatched precision at nearly any maid like task put before her.

The Master of Flame, Nyx
Maid Specialty : Cooking
Lesser Known, but applicable, Maid Traits : Food Gathering, Cleaning
Negative : A very unstable individual sometimes

A wannabe heroine with the ability to control fire through the power of her living staff, Funikura. Normally a very gentle soul, she has developed an alternate, darker personality for herself due to years of abuse at the hands of the noble family she worked for, a personality that Funikura makes use of to force her to win their battles. Nyx's experience as a maid is plentiful, having once been a low-rank maid for the Vance family herself, her cooking is said to be second to none among all beautiful fighters in the classic series.

The Alchemic Automaton, Vante
Maid Specialty : Obedience
Lesser Known, but applicable, Maid Traits : Wears a maid uniform, always smiles
Negative : Can't really speak in the normal sense

The clockwork automaton created by the genius alchemist Cyan. While normally believed to be a simple machine, Vante has shown many glimpses of autonomy underneath her mechanical exterior. Though to be fair, were it not for her metallic limbs, her bright smile and energetic mannerisms as she follows her orders to the letter would make it hard to believe she's an automaton at all. Vante's experience as a maid is more or less limited to whatever orders Cyan or Yuit have given her in the past, but for the most part, whenever an order is given to her, it will be accomplished with a smile on her face.

The contestants only grow ever stronger!
Where will they finish? Will they ever know?
Only the strongest with a broom will find out!


  1. Can't we vote twice for the same character? :/

    1. Sadly, polldaddy gets finicky about that so nope. Besides, I get the feeling most would if they could, so it's probably more interesting this way.