Thursday, April 16, 2015

Queen's Maid : 1rst Round - Battle 3 Results

A decisive battle has taken place, with our two winners quickly taking the lead and leaving their Spiral Chaos counterparts in the dust! So, congratulations are in order to...

Queen's Maid : First Round - Battle 3 Winners

The Child of Fate, Dizzy
The Assassin of the Fang, Irma

With your support, the maiden of the grove as well as the cat-loving cleaning lady advance to the next round! Was it Dizzy's ever gentle persona that gave her victory? Was it Irma's experience as a cleaning lady that gave her hers? These two likely attract very different kinds of fans, but don't let yourself be fooled, that will likely prove to be an advantage in later battles!

So with our 3rd Battle over, we say goodbye to Aryutta and Stella,
 the last female representatives of the Spiral Chaos game series. 
Will Aryutta ever get a chance to show Maron up? 
Will Stella's talk event clear up her odd appearance in this tournament?
Stay tuned to find out!

And now it's time for our fourth and final battle for this round!
Here are our final participants :

Queen's Maid : First Round - Battle 4 Participants
The Apprentice Healer, Jean
The Summoner, Aldra 
Darkmaster in Wonderland, Alicia
The Master of Flame, Nyx

Strong contenders make for a strong finish for this round!
Which of them will fall, and which will stand strong?
Let them cook, clean and serve to find out!


  1. Nyx is my bet for this group, I must admit Aldra fits the maid role, but I'm still mad at Aldra's Rebellion design.

  2. Congrats to Irma and Dizzy. The other two were lames