Thursday, April 9, 2015

Queen's Maid : 1rst Round - Battle 2 Results

What began as a close battle for first with an unexpected adversary taking the lead ended in a fairly decisive victory for 2 of our competitors this round and those two are...

Queen's Maid : First Round - Battle 2 Winners

The Weapon Merchant, Cattleya
Repayer of Kindness, Iroha

Advancing to the next round will be the ever legendary Cattleya along with Airi's ultimate rival, Iroha! With this victory, Iroha takes both one step closer to overthrowing Airi as Ultimate Maid as well as a victory for Eastern Maids everywhere by defeating one of Airi's surbodinates!
Watch out, in this battle of aprons, service and love, these two are strong contenders all around!

And with the 2nd Battle over, Gretel and Meena find themselves eliminated from the competition!
Will Meena ever know what victory is like beyond what her books tell her?
Will Gretel ever become popular with the fans?
Stay tuned to find out!

It's time for the third battle! We're now half-way through our first round!
Introducing our participants :

Queen's Maid : First Round - Battle 3 Participants
The Nyan-derful Patissière, Aryutta Katz
The Child of Fate, Dizzy
Dragon Sword Demon, Stella
The Assassin of the Fang, Irma

Who are the stronger maids, who will advance to the next round?
They will have to maid to find out!


  1. ah, Dizzy, she's so fucking powerful in Queen's Gate SC...

  2. Dizzy is the one with more maid-aptitude

  3. Dizzy and Irma's maid levels are clear, but Aryutta can cook and Stella can... oh wait, no one knows who Stella is, huh?

    That'll make this a tough battle for her, but I'm sure people will enjoy her talk event when we get to it.