Thursday, April 30, 2015

Queen's Blade Weapons Poll Results

Naturally, we should take the time to discuss the results of our latest poll!
So, in this poll to determine what visitors would like to use in the Medieval-like setting of Queen's Blade, the results are in and you've chosen...

You get 2 Votes here! What kind of weapons would you like to bring into battle, should you receive the ability to wield them?
1rst - Magic spells (43 Votes / 22.9%)
2nd - A katana (25 Votes / 13.4%)
3rd - Your fists & legs (23 Votes / 12.3%)
4th - A long sword (16 Votes / 8.6%)

5th - A bow & arrow / crossbow (15 Votes / 8%)
6th - A scythe (14 Votes / 7.5%)
7th - A short sword and shield (12 Votes / 6.4%)
8th- Other (11 Votes / 5.9%)

9th - A staff (7 Votes / 3.7%)
9th - An axe (7 Votes / 3.7%)
11th - A spear (6 Votes / 3.2%)
12th- Daggers (5 Votes / 2.7%)
13th- A mace (3 Votes / 1.6%)

 From the looks of things, a bunch of you seem to agree with Tomoe's choice of weapons.

I must say I'm pretty surprised, particularly with the large quantity of votes for magic, given the... underwhelming... performance of most other magic users in the series. Then again, we can't forget that the big bad of Classic and Rebellion has always been the greatest magical user too.

Now, as far as the 'Other' options go... we had quite an assortment. We got a few alternate weapons not included in the poll, such as claws, dual wielding swords, whips, mind powers and rapiers. Some went with more, ahem, established weapons out there, such as the sword-whip, the insect glaive (OP much?) and Cattleya's own Giant Killer.

And then there's the two who chose the laser rifle and the Colt M1911 Automatic. Not very medieval there, but then again, I suppose the question never did specify the limitation on the time period now did it? I'm sure the Queen's Blade tournament would have been very interesting if Alice from Queen's Gate had been around to join in, that's for sure.

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