Thursday, April 23, 2015

Queen's Blade Grimoire anime is GO!

Like we might or might not have been hinting at in the previous posts, this month's HJ magazine announced what was only the stuff of hearsay rumors or educated guesses so far~!

The text says something like this:

"クイーンズブレイド刊行10周年を記念し、"クイーンズブレイド グリムワル" のアニメ化が決!! 作品はOVA全2巻形式で、今秋以降発売の対戦型ビジュアルブックに同梱し連続リリース予定とのこと。 さらによしもときんじ&りんしんをはじめ、QB第1期アニメスタッフが再結集. 過去シリーズの美闘士たちもゲスト登場!新世代美闘士たちの華麗なる活躍を見すな!!"

Which would translate to something similar to: "To commemorate QB's 10th anniversary, QBG's anime was greenlit! It'll be comprised of two volumes, bundled after the next gaming visual book to be released this fall. Not only we'll have Yoshimoto Kinji & Rin Shin, but also the anime staff of QB's first season. A beautiful fighter from the past series will make a guest appearance! Don't miss the debut of the next generation of beautiful fighters!!"

I'm not sure if it means that it'll only be 2 OVAs, or if they'll come with Despina's book, but at least you get the general idea...

Go, Grimoire, go~!


  1. well that's cool and all but they never really settled the matter with Rebellion. IT ended in sort of a draw and the swamp witch only appeared (at least to my knowledge) in that horrific Vanquish Queens series. I was kinda hoping there would be a season 2 of Rebellion so Annelotte and Aldra would face their "mother" in a final showdown.
    As for the rumored returning beautiful fighter..DUH!! it's gonna be Reina.
    Looking forward to seeing Seiten in her sexy animated glory. I hope they don't screw her up!!

  2. Ova? Máximum dissapointing. I thought it would be an entire series, the last time they did ovas (VQ) wasn't very good but well, something is something.

    About the poll this week claw/katar/wristblade user her :D

    1. Well, they have to start one way or another, Rebellion also started with OVAs, right?

      Since we only have a part (about half?) of the Grimoire gals, they can't do a full series right now, so a couple OVAs to bring the spotlight back a bit doesn't sound like a bad idea?

  3. So, SEGA is gonna release a TW:Warhammer game, and HJ is gonna release 2 QBG OVAs.
    Today is a good day^^

  4. yeah that's true. I really enjoyed Annelotte's "debut" in the ova one. She seems like a much better heroine than Reina.

  5. "A beautiful fighter from the past series will make a guest appearance!"

    Eh? isn't Grimoire supposed to take place in a different Fairy Tale world called "Mel Fair Land"?
    I don't know if the anime are considered canon, but I would like to see them make up their minds, unless the "returning fighter" gets teleported there or something.

    And I hope this doesn't mean that they are abandoning the Rebellion anime without even finishing the story.

    1. Hm, from what I'm hearing, the OVA starts with Alicia being a court magician at Gainos (after Leina's QB victory, too), and then being whisked away to MFL by a "rabbit", so it's not a big stretch for a classic QB girl to appear...

      How well that fits with what we knew of Alicia's origins, however, is something else to debate entirely? ^^U

    2. Ok well then that's not so bad, since (I thought) that Grimoire was supposedly in a new world, I was hoping they wouldn't just toss that plot point out to bring in old characters, but if it's explained as "magic and teleportation" then that's fine with me.
      Although I thought that Alicia was supposed to come from some really dark place where her life was difficult, which I guess is up for interpretation if she lives in a bad era of Gainos.

  6. Maybe sometime during the reign of Queen Claudette or the return of the Swamp Witch.