Thursday, April 2, 2015

Queen's Maid : 1rst Round - Battle 1 Results

A strikingly close battle took place over the course of the week, with many neck and neck contests between the competitors on multiple occasions. However, only 2 may prevail and move on to the next round and those two are...

Queen's Maid : First Round - Battle 1 Winners

The Alchemic Automaton, Vante
She Who Fights Destiny, Pyrrha

Vante's energetic smile and Pyrrha's humble past seem to have won over the fans this round.  Congratulations!

However, with the good comes the bad and with room for only two to advance, that means that Maron and Melpha will have to bow out of the competition on the first round.
Will Melpha ever NOT lose in the first round of a tournament?
Will Maron's cooking legend be carried on by her rival, Aryutta Katz, in this tournament?
Stay tuned to find out!

Now, as you may have noticed, poll results as far as votes and percentage will not be displayed at the end of each week. Instead, these results will be shown at the very conclusion of the tournament to keep things a bit more mysterious! Continue voting for your favorite participants, and try not to worry about their overall standings!

It's time for the second battle! Introducing our participants :

Queen's Maid : First Round - Battle 2 Participants
The Infernal Scholar, Meena
Witch Slayer Confectioner, Gretel
Repayer of Kindness, Iroha
The Weapon Merchant, Cattleya

Who will move on the next round and who will be left behind?
You will have to vote to find out!


  1. What? Not only did Melpha lose, but she always loses right off the bat? D: That sucks. On top of that, I'd say she'd make for an even better maid-type than Airi herself. But I doubt most people are really voting by those merits anyways, lol.

    Good for Vante at least, but Pyrrah... well, I have a personal grudge against her because of Soul Calibur 5, lol (against all the new characters in it, really). I wish they'd had put her mom Sophitia into QG rather than her. Still, better than Maron at least.

  2. "Will Melpha ever NOT lose in the first round of a tournament?"

    Do a tournament that benefits, like I don't know "who's da best priest in QB"...Loses to Shigi in first round *runs*