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Queen's Blade Rebellion Endings (IV): Mirim, Annelotte & Aldra

First of all, here's the CD that came with the 3rd volume, don't miss it if you want to hear the quirky swamp adventures and the witch's sexy voice while doing her attacks (if I'm not mistaken, the last track, "defeat", is her "true" voice...) Get it here: Mirrors/Sendspace

And we end the Rebellion endings for now with this last batch. Maybe we'll get more info on Elina, Melona and others in a final Rebellion visual book...?



“E, err... Today’s schedule is...”
Straightening her back instinctively and stiffening her body, Mirim concentrated her gaze on the memo she held.
Written there was Queen Claudette’s schedule for that day... or it was supposed to be.
(Uwaa~n, my writing is all messy, I can’t read it.)
Turning to Mirim, who involuntarily looked up at the sky, Claudette showed her a gentle smile.
“You don’t have to be nervous, Mirim.”
“Y, yes! B, but as your head personal attendant, unless I fulfill my professional duties, won’t I be setting a bad example?”
Claudette quietly listened to the flustered reply.
Since she fought against the Rebel Army, sometimes it didn’t look like the gentle Mirim was someone who had spread the fires of war through the whole Continent, she wondered if that war had been a dream.
“To anyone who complains, it’s fine if you reply “The one who defeated Queen Claudette wasn’t Annelotte, but me”.”
“T, that, it was a fluke.”
Mirim waved her hand at Claudette’s words, her face bright red.
“We were defeated by a fluke? Have more confidence, you’re one of the only two beautiful fighters in this world who have defeated us.”
“I, I understand. Though I don't think I can tell people that, I’ll try to consider it...”
Encouraged by Claudette’s words, Mirim quickly stretched her back. She wasn’t nervous anymore.
“By the way, what about Ymir? We’d like to have a meeting concerning the equipment for the new Queen’s Army-yawn...”
Mirim stared in wonder at Claudette’s unexpected yawn.
“What? We yawn as well.”
“I, I’m sorry… it’s... you were quite cute there...”
This time, it was Claudette’s face that went red at Mirim’s words.
“Cute...? No one has ever called us that.”
Claudette turned around so that Mirim couldn’t see her face, and shifted her attention to the scenery of Gainos that spread outside the window.

Annelotte & Aldra

“This got lonely...”
Alone in the residence that had become quiet, Annelotte sighed.
Progress on the reconstruction of the Margraviate was going steady, the comrades from the Rebel Army who had cooperated with her had begun a trip to find something to do, and even Yuit, who had remained with her until the end to trace a path towards reconstruction, had bid her farewell.
Living in what once was the Margrave’s Castle, were just Annelotte, her sister Aldra and their mother Werbellia.
“Say, Anne... though she’s our Mother...”
Annelotte nodded wordlessly hearing Aldra’s words.
Unlike them, Werbellia was a pure inhabitant of the Netherworld, and she didn’t have enough magical power necessary to survive in this world, as she was starting to weaken.
“The Netherworld... She has no choice but to go back...”
Despite them having achieved to meet again, the fact that they couldn’t live together was nothing but the irony of fate.
“Oh dear, what are you sisters discussing?”
Werbellia approached them slowly. It was obvious from her lifeless tone that her physical condition wasn’t any good.
Annelotte hesitated just for a moment, and made a decision.
“Mother, please go back to the Netherworld... because we’re concerned about your life like this.”
“We aren’t children anymore.”
Aldra said in a calm tone, gently putting a blanket over Werbellia’s shoulders.
“For mother’s sake, I investigated about father’s whereabouts.”
“I, is he still...?”
Werbellia’s voice was filled with strength.
“Yes... from a conversation I heard from a person called Airi, sounds like father was sealed alive in the Netherworld by the Marshland Witch. For father’s sake, please return to the Netherworld.”
Werbellia’s eyes filled with tears at Annelotte’s words.
“Ye art such great daughters... I’m nothing like a mother in comparison.”
“No, Mother protected us.”
Aldra kept smiling in her calm tone.
“The Marshland Witch... we sisters were safe from her curse. That’s because Mother protected us, don’t you agree?”
Instead of replying, Werbellia cast down her eyes.
“What will ye do?”
“I’ll go back to my Husband’s side. He should have noticed I’ve been away for way too long.”
Aldra blushed and wiggled her waist.
Certainly not lacking interest in what kind of man had won her heart, Annelotte wasn’t as uncouth as to get in the way of two people who loved each other.
“As for me, I’ll keep on rebuilding this. Until the former residents can live here like before, the reconstruction of the Margraviate won’t be over.”
It will take a long time.
“It’ll be enough time for me to appear in Queen’s Blade and polish my skills.”
“Hohohoho, really, you...”
Hearing Werbellia’s laughter, Annelotte slowly raised her eyes.
“I want to participate and play in that Queen’s Blade... because I want to see my daughter...”
The magic square Aldra had conjured under the smiling Werbellia’s feet shone bright. Using her ability as a Summoner, it was her role to send Werbellia to the Netherworld.
“There will be... powerful enemies. I’ll keep on working, and become strong.”
“I’m looking forward to it…”
Werbellia said so with a cheerful tone, and all of a sudden, the magic square emitted a light around her, and her figure vanished.
“Let’s meet again. Mother.”
When the light from the magic square disappeared, Annelotte raised her sword towards the place where Werbellia had left from.
That was the place.
The battle of the Princess Knight Annelotte, that had started when she was chased out of the Margraviate territory, was beginning anew from that same territory.
From then on, as a beautiful fighter of Queen’s Blade, she’d fight against many beautiful fighters.
Can Annelotte seize the victory?
They won’t know that unless they fight...

So Claudette and Mirim make an unexpectedly cute couple, lol.
Also, we hear the true Werbellia for the first time (still using that "old-school speech"), and Aldra goes back to her husband, a real pity that the happy family can't stay together...

And yeah, that's basically it for Rebellion's stories.

Next: a slightly upgraded compilation of the first volume, I guess? Probably not yet the whole thing...


  1. Thanks so much for uploading all of these!
    Also does Claudette refer to herself as "We" here?

    1. Yep, majestic plural or royal "we", all the queens in the series use it. I wouldn't be surprised if Grimoire's "Naked Queen" uses it too.

  2. Hm, so we come to the end of the end at last. I quite liked how these stories turned out, what with everything ending back where it started.

    Ultimately, it was sad that Annelotte, Aldra, and Werbellia couldn't remain together (that bit about creatures of the underworld fading in the mortal world was interesting, though the circumstantial evidence for it has been there all along). But Aldra misses her man, and it's nice that the former Pope might be rescued from being sealed in Hell.

    It's odd that Airi was willing to tell that to Aldra, since last we saw of her she was trying to find a way to re-empower the Swamp Witch.

    I also agree that Mirim and Claudette make a surprisingly adorable pair. Elina will be so jealous!

    Hopefully we'll find out more in a future book about the ancillary beautiful fighters endings; what became of Maria, for example?

  3. That's it? What happened with Leina/Maria, Elina, and the rest of the regular QB cast?

    1. I (literally) wished I knew, but there are no more endings. If a Rebellion Perfect book comes out like I'm expecting, maybe we'll have all the closure we want.

    2. That means nobody of the cursed characters (excluding Claudette) managed to get ride of their curses?

    3. Hm, since defeating the witch cleared out the clouds off the castle and the curses were concentrated "miasma", I think all the cursed chars would be fine now... but we haven't been told for certain, unfortunately.

  4. @Leech...Aldra vs Nanael in Extended Range...Aldra thrusts, Nanael dodges...Aldra ends up turned but also receives 5 damage...

    Is that as intended?

    1. Yeah, that's what having a "score 5" in Turned Around means, Aldra seems quite weak to backstabbing... :p

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  6. Ugh. Her husband is real? Call me crazy but I was really hoping it was all an illusion from the Swamp Witch. So much Aldra and Annelotte running off and having any future adventures together I suppose. And to top it off we still don't know how Aldra lost her memory in the first place! Brilliant job Hobby Japan.

    1. Well, to tell the truth, there is an untranslated bit about Aldra in the 3rd volume... but on the memory loss, it only says it happened after "a journey full of hardships".

    2. "A journey full of hardships" Well that explains everything. And while we're at it what exactly happened to Belphe and Dogor?

    3. Since the Swamp Witch was cursing everybody I just assumed that she had cursed her into losing her memory.
      And of course I'm real! you didn't think I was fake did you? I'm sure I will let my cute and bouncy little Aldra go on any adventures she wants to with her sister :3

      Also Belphe and Dogor probably just went back to the under/netherworld or something, anyways the people who made the series aren't obligated to tell us every little thing that happened to every single character.

    4. Maybe, during Aldra's journey, if she was in a life-or-death situation, she unleashed her demon form and lost her memory because of it...? But yeah, the explanation is a bit flimsy ^^U

      As for Belphe and Dogor, I agree she must have promptly sent them back to the Netherworld, fed up with their panty-eating antics. She only summoned them to fight the war, and it's not like she had any kind of deal with them, unlike with Delmore.

  7. I see someone put up Vanquished Queens 2 on ehentai. I'll grab it and have a look.

    1. Yep, those scanner guys from 4chan are awesome. The guy says we'll have Alicia by tomorrow, too.

  8. Hey, long time no chatter! I actually had a few questions to ask if you are willing to answer.

    For starters, I guess a good in-depth Q&A about the matrix system and how it works would do wonders. I've taken a redux into making guides for all of our current playable cast and trying to figure out how they all stack up towards one another. Knowing how the matrix goes 'yes&no' towards attacks would be good to know if nothing else.

    Also, I keep noticing in the JP books that, while they at last nixed the 'attack' stat ( as it never did anything for most matches anyway ), they still have the luck/tatics/magic stat there. Are there Queen's Blade equip cards or something we are missing out on? As it stands I WAS thinking about trying to nab a few English card sets and try to get those scanned in, if you would be up for getting them into the game as it stands. Thought if there are Japanese cards too now, perhaps looking for those would be better? Inclduing that they chances are wouldn't be QUITE as rare or hard to track down...

    ...Still! That judgement would mostly come down towards "If we go into the work to get such resorces, would you then make QBB support such?". Oh well, regardless sorry for my almost near muteness last year, things have been for the most part beyond rock bottem, and still are kinda bad, thought I'm doing my best to just keep going. =3

    1. Yep, long time no see, man! And don't worry if you can't drop by for some time, I understand that you guys have stuff to do.

      A guide for our chars sounds pretty good for novices (and experts alike), at one point I considered making "commentated replays" but I forgot halfways (my bad ^^U).

      For the matrixes... the idea it was based on was literally "two guys in medieval warrior costumes reenacting the moves to see the results". Evidently it changes a lot from char to char, so there aren't really any general guidelines. Though, you have to check the matrixes "vertically" (for example, Alleyne's Swing Low 2 move goes like "45,19,31..."), but if you just want to see the probability of each attack (if it connects 12 times, 16, 18...), I made a miniapp to check that easily as per Ayra's request, I can reupload it if you want.

      And for the unused stats, yep there are more cards that we know of (none of them in Japanese), but they aren't scanned. Here are the luck & tactics ones:
      And you'll notice there are many more, like red spells (I think I do have those), and stuff. I kinda don't worry about those too much, since I think that QB/LW's system is strong enough to not need additional cards, but well, if anyone got scans, it'd be a different matter altogether, I guess.

      So yeah, apparently my motto is "if you go through the trouble to work on it, I'll add it", indeed :D

  9. If you could reupload that app, that would be WONDERFUL! It'll help a ton to just make testing stuff far more easier on myself, and let me provide better guides all together without spending god knows how many hours to figure this out point by point by point.

    1. Ah, then you're lucky, since I happen to have it right here ("right here" not being my home):

      I think some attacks are considered "successes" when they result in parries too (since protected attacks usually do that), but it should be pretty reliable overall. It also has a couple of extra functions, so if you think you need some new one, let me know.

    2. OK, so from what I can tell:

      The top row column numbers are the PG numbers for said attacks, and the results per character are how many times that attack would be 'successful' off of a general base of different options? So if that's the case, in Close combat there could only be at maximum 24 results? or in essence, the % of an attack working if the opponent could do any function is x/24 yes? The only thing of note I'm not finding is stuff for extended range is all, thought I guess that I can do more hands on testing for. Thanks a ton regardless!

    3. Yep, you got that right, the successes are when you don't result in wounds when using it, maximum is 24, and when it's 0 the char obviously doesn't have that move.

      As for extended range, I think all chars have basically the same thing there, just replacing some wound results with others...

  10. I think Elina will be the next queen, we never saw her vanquished.

    1. Either Elina or Melona, in that case. I'd sure love to see what a Queen Melona does with the Continent... short-lived as that would be.

  11. Oh boy oh boy oh boy.
    Guess who just got done with their first proto guide! It's a simi guide onto 'rankings' between the first Queen's Blade cast, and while it doesn't FULLY go into their best attacks and the like, it's enough of a general outline and guide I feel to get people at least started onto the game. So here, a .txt ( still needing of formatting, grammar, and spell checking... ) of what I've got so far. The results I came across also explained why some people where just too good, and while others felt like it was always an uphill battle.

    1. Oh, that was pretty exhaustive there, kudos to you! Really informative, and some of the results kinda surprised me at times. Also, I didn't know there was such a thing as "damage migation", I thought you were miswriting "mitigation" all the time... ^^U

      Just one thing: are you sure Airi can't go over her initial BP? I mean, that's how it was at first, but I think I noticed and corrected that... can't tell you how long ago, though.

      I wonder what Ayra will have to say about this analysis... :)

    2. No, you are right, it SHOULD have been 'damage mitigation', but I fail at spelling. ^^;;;;

      If Airi can go over her starting BP thought, that pretty much then makes her a weaker, thought less damage taking, Melona. It was just interesting how much those two mirror each other in the end thought. I plan on doing other sets in the future, thought I would ask, once you get a chance to, to add onto that app of yours a row displaying the 'total' effectiveness results. It saves me a good 5 mins per player if I just had that info already done for me. :P

      I might also do more in depth single book guides if these are enjoyed well enough, and people ask for such.

    3. Oh, so it was "mitigation" after all? I got so many migations with Google search, I thought it was some kind of RPG term.

      Also, ask and ye shall receive, here's the miniapp with totals and percentages like yours:
      (BTW, check your Melona calculations, because I get a slightly superior value).

      It would sure be awesome if we had more in-depth guides, go for it, man :D

  12. poor Annelotte, her harem dissapear in a blink of eyes T__T

    I kinda wish that Mirim stays with her T__T

  13. OMG, I live for Werbelia. I love how Aldra notice her mother's love. I agree with Aldra too about The Swamp Witch curse powers. While Werbelia was under The Swamp Witch's mercy. The Swmap Witch cursed Leina(Maria), Risty, Tomoe, and had Claudette under her thumb. Yet despite all that, Werbelia made sure her baby girls weren't harmed. That's a mother for you. Too bad they had to go their seperate ways, but I know they will meet again. Man is QBR is so beautiful in a tragic way.