Thursday, December 20, 2012

QB Exiled Warrior 9

After getting her sword broken last chapter, it's a good moment for Leina to meet the two girls obsessed with weapons:

Download it here, and enjoy!

...Also, this month's Hobby Japan announces Irma's new figure... and that's just it? Hm, I'll keep looking.
(Update: Apparently it only has info on figures and the VQ anime, too bad it's not the next books).


  1. Thx for this chapter and thx for the drama cd before, really liked it.

    Do you think is possible find the drama of QB anime? Cause no one have them in the net.
    クイーンズブレイドドラマCD vol.1 流浪の戦士+webラジオ
    クイーンズブレイドドラマCD vol.2 玉座を継ぐ者+webラジオ
    クイーンズブレイド web ラジオCD vol.1
    The last one don't really know if have only web radio or 1 track with drama.

    However really thx for upload QB for us.

    1. I don't know if we can find those whole 3 CDs through the internet.

      But, the first Drama CD part is in the translations page above, even transcripted (the links were down, sorry), the second Drama CD I just ripped from Nico Nico:

      And you can hear the "radio" parts, that should pretty much be all there is, here:

      And well, maybe between these two pages, they cover the rest of QB CDs:!n2INU

      Also, for the translation of the tracks, there's the wiki:'s_Blade_Soundtracks

      That should be all I know about QB CDs... whew ^^U

    2. Thx, i collect all the drama of QB and with the the first and second drama (hope a day for the full cd) i got the most hard one to find.

      The bonus of the first and second anime series are only voiceCD (like the one of the spiral chaos game), with sound tracks and a radio track at the end.

      With yours drama on translation page, the ones on the chara CD and the bonus of the rebellion BD i think is all you can find around.

      But still need the bonus of the OVA series (the bitoshi carnival cd) with the 6 drama for any of them, you know where find them, so we can finally complete all the drama of QB?

    3. Actually I do, I got the 6 of them off a DVD torrent, but here's just the OVA CDs:

      With that, and the Rebellion story Drama CD 3 I posted some weeks ago (if you missed it:, that should be all the Drama CDs for now, yay :D

    4. Really thanks, this is really all for now ^_^

      Actually I'm not so excited about Grimoire, maybe cause I don't see the need to change the whole QB world, I think they can still give so much more to both the characters and the story. So still hope they can continue with this too.

  2. Only for know, what you used for rip the drama cd from nico? Usually i get the audio on nicosound, but the quality isn't good, tried some bad ones too, so don't really know which method use for get a good mp3 file from nicovideo :(

    1. If I remember correctly, I downloaded the FLV with Firefox's DownloadHelper, then converted it to MP3 here: