Monday, December 24, 2012

Queen's Blade Backstories: Nyx and Cattleya

Here you go, a couple days in advance, in time to wish you a Merry Christmas!



I will judge the evil people. I obtained the power to achieve it.

I have the infinite magical power given to me by the ancient treasure Funikura, that no other magician in this Continent can match. Even more, this stingy thief I have cornered now won’t be a problem.

“Return the money you bastard took from the villager, and apologize. Or else I’ll burn you, you hear!?”

I’m not used yet to talking with such rough language. As I guessed, didn’t I?, the thief smiled with a grin and opened his mouth.

“Heh, no can do, sister. No matter how you look at it, despite your looks of champion of justice, you’re just a dull village girl playing make-believe. You’d better…”

“S, shut up!”

I raised my wand on reflex, making a burning fireball appear .

“H, hiii. H, help me. I have an ill mother! I won’t do it again, so let me off this time, p, please!”

He brought up his mother, and I’m weak to that.

When I tried to reply with a gesture for him to leave…


My wand… Funikura, suddenly began to move like a living thing, and violently tightened around my neck. It was such a merciless force, it might even break my neck.

“I, I understand… great Funikuraa. I, I can’t forgive eevil.”

When I snapped my fingers, the fireball exploded, and the man was reduced to cinders in an instant.

Sure enough, can Nyx escape from the staff’s spell?

Nobody knows that.


I heard the sound of a bell informing me of a customer’s visit, so I went to the counter.

“May I help you? Javelins are at a reduced price today…”

However, the one standing there wasn’t a customer.

Since a fight was going to start, I picked up the “Giant Killer”, a large sword forged by my husband.

At that moment, my son Rana came into the store. I told Rana:

“Rana, since mom has to have an important talk with this person, be a good boy and get inside.”

But Rana said, staring back with a strong will in his eyes he had never shown before:

“I don’t want to. I don’t want mom to disappear like dad too. I definitely won’t be separated from you, mom.”

I couldn’t say anything back at him. Rana is ready to witness my fight. He’s summoned up all of his courage.

Darling. I believe in you. I’ll be waiting for you forever.

That’s why, please watch how we both fight, this child and I.

Sure enough, can Cattleya fight it out while protecting her son?

They won’t know that unless they fight.


  1. Hm, it seems that even if they fight, they won't know if Nyx can be separated from Funikura.

    1. Yep, Nyx is the only one who deviates from the norm. She really is even unluckier than Mirim... :P

    2. Thx for this too :)

      Unluckier but happy the same lol