Thursday, December 13, 2012

Queen's Blade Backstories: Zara and Alicia

Before we begin, in case you missed it, our buddy Charles made this proto-guide for the first QB books, if you like the game, be sure to let us know what you think!

And seeing as Alicia was scanned just in time, shall we start unraveling Grimoire's mysteries?



A crow cawed in the beautiful forest. The Demon Hunter Zara found a cabin. Zara knocked on the cabin’s door to ask if she could rest for a while.
An old man was lying on the cabin’s bed.
“Travelling lady, I was so troubled, living alone.”
“…You’ve had a hard time.”
“I’ll be following grandma in a bit. Can I have some water?”
“Very well… Hum, old man, what big eyes you have.”
“The better to discern this ugly world with.”
“I see… what a big mouth you have, too.”
“The better to eat a delicious woman like you with!”

The monster revealed its true nature. It chewed and tore off Zara’s throat with its fangs, and cut through her guts with its claws. It exhaustively trampled down Zara’s slender body with its brutal physique. The perfect ambush, a thorough violence. Inside the cabin, it had become a bloody, terrible sight.
“Serves you right, na├»ve Demon Hunter.”

And, when the monster left the cabin and went back to its den:
“I see, is this the den of you bastards?”
Behind the monster, who turned around startled, stood a half-naked Zara.
“You ruined my favorite cloak, let me return the favor.”

A few hours later.
Before Zara, who had exhaustively hunted the monsters from the den, a single beautiful fighter appeared.
“Good grief… I’m starving now. I’ll finish the battle with you bastard in an instant.”

Sure enough, with her astounding regenerative abilities, can Zara defeat this strong beautiful fighter?

They won’t know that unless they fight.


The magic user Alicia was grumpy. She didn’t understand it well, but she had fallen down a hole. And it was a mysterious hole that went beyond dimensions. How ridiculous.

In fact, she was actually in that goddamned world called Mel Fair Land. In there, it was totally different than the brutal world where Alicia lived, it was certainly “Wonderland”. A peaceful world, whose summer and its nice weather would last forever. Lagging behind in civilization, and showing no signs of progress. Nonetheless, the guys all over the place could easily use the “magic” Alicia had learned with great efforts through her whole life.

“Really, what a land… I don’t like it.”

Moreover, when it came to the people from that land, it felt like she only encountered lazy people. They were in high spirits everyday as if in a festival, and Alicia couldn’t stand how they began singing songs if they had free time. There you go, someone had begun to sing again.

“Hello, birds and deers. But, you aren’t my Prince. Some day my Prince will come, coming to meet, me, just me~

It was a terrible song. Geez, she couldn’t stand it. When Alicia created a wave of darkness in the palm of her hand, she hit a tree near the owner of the song. As the trees shook, the birds and deers also scattered. Apparently, she had succeeded in provoking the owner of the song. The beautiful fighter that was her opponent started activating her magic as well.

“Wonderland’s fighting tournament, Queen’s Blade…? Isn’t this interesting. C’mon, bring it on!”

Sure enough, can Alicia win the fight in Wonderland, and go back to her original world?

They won’t know that unless they fight.


  1. Okay, so this answers some things. Apparently Mel Fair Land, where Grimoire takes place, is the "Wonderland" that was references in Alicia's bio.

    Given that, the hints given regarding Alicia's native world are interesting - apparently it's a brutal place where magic is difficult to learn.

    This may explain why all of the characters (thus far) are evocative of Fairy Tales - the land they inhabit is a Wonderland.

    1. Hm, we know that Alicia is basically living in "the" Wonderland... but I kinda get the feeling it's just her lack of familiarity with the place that makes her think "Wonderland" is the whole Mel Fair Land (she says the QB tournament is from there, but we know it includes the whole Mel Fair Land).

      Granted, we don't know how Mel Fair Land is really structured: it could be just like the Continent, with bizarrely specific lands (like undersea), or it could be like Kingdom Hearts (mandatory Disney reference :p), with different, interconnected worlds.

      Also, just thought I'd point out, the monster Zara fights isn't necessarily a wolf (though it strongly reminds us of her tale): it gets called "evil spirit" like the Witch's underlings, and for all we know, Grimoire wolves prefer to eat people whole, instead of ripping them to shreds.

    2. Ether that or Melona's learned a few new Shape shifting tricks and gone into vore. :P ( but honestly a second goo girl would be awesome as well Hobby Japan... )

      Still, thanks for the shout out on the guide ordeal, I hope to see how others react towards the info and if they find it at all useful or not. I'll do the other 'Queen' sets soon enough in a similar fashion before I start doing independent guides. You where also right about the Melona math there, I added wrong and came up shorter then I should have ( witch in turn only means she's even BETTER then first thought! ), still doesn't solve the fact that she's the worse score pages of them all. Rebellion's going to have some power creep I'm sure of thought...Just Mirim alone I know is pretty dang great just because she has some of the lowest score pages known to man, and the rest I could see outplaying the 'blade' set by a decent amount. I'll have another one of these ether later today or tomarrow thought. ;3

  2. Thanks for translating them! I'm glad they tied in part of the Red Riding Hood story with Zara.
    And it sounds like Alicia is fighting Snow White? the song she is singing sounds similar to the one in the disney cartoon.

    When do you think Alicia will be up? will you bring her within the next several weeks if she is scanned?

    1. Hm, the song does have a "someday my prince will come", but the rest of the lyrics don't quite match... Since Alicia is practically calling her lazy, I thought she was already in the middle of a match with a proper beautiful fighter, but it could be that a new Snow White-based girl became her opponent, indeed.

      And Alicia was scanned a couple days ago, so yep she's coming next.

    2. Yeah I was trying to remember what the rest of the song says I only remembered that one part since I haven't watched the movie in about fifteen years or so.

  3. Thanks for the translations.

    I'm not a fan of how violent the stories centered around Zara have been (makes me wonder how they'll execute it in the eventual anime). I hope it'll just be unique to her, and the Grimoire series won't be too grim.

    Alicia is a pretty fun protagonist.

    1. Unfortunately, you can't have "Grimoire" without "grim."

    2. Heh, well I guess it's safe to assume that Tina will turn to sea foam at the end of her story. Shame.