Thursday, July 31, 2014

Spiral Chaos Freetalks: Mina Majikina (1 of 2)

First, in case you didn't see, a couple days ago the QB site was updated with the proper announcement of VQ3 and VQ OVA4's teaser, plus Seiten was given an actual page.

And for the VQ poll, in the end "I love it" and "I mostly like it" won with 52%-51v and 20%-20v, "I'm neutral", "I mostly dislike it" and "I hate it" ending with 11%-11v, 9%-9v and 7%-7v, a better reception to them than we expected. So for the next poll, since the Rebellion girls seemed to be favorites (according to the post the other day, in any case), how about choosing between the new gimmick they added, the tag team characters?

So here's the beginning of Mina's stuff, with the unexpected Chample butting in!



  1. Well, it's only very partially related to this particular post, but here goes anyway!

    I'm currently in a very strong mood for Queen's Blade things (It happens a few weeks every year or so for some unknown reasons). I've already watched everything related to it, and read a lot of things with only a few to go (and have them sitting on my kindle ready to be read). Since I felt like watching something ala Queen's Blade, I did a search for animes like Queen's Blade yesterday.

    And... Well, I'm having a major problem. It's the same problem I have with Queen's Gate Spiral Chaos videos you are translating: Female focused serie with male main character being the center of attention.

    I don't watch that much anime (Usually about four or five 13-episodes series per year on average) and what I usually watch isn't that fan-service-y (El Cazador and Bodacious Space Pirates are my two favorite anime). So I'm not that knowledgeable in anime in general, and even less about "fanservice shows". I got into Queen's Blade after randomly seeing a few images that caught my attention (Alleyne and Elina if I remember well) and liking the look of the characters; I ended up loving the whole thing.

    Since I'm in a fanservice-liking mood lately, I searched for something remotely similar and I'm not finding anything that really matches. Here's a few titles I remember off the top of my head that got mentionned multiple time during my search:

    Samurai Girls, Quazer, Seiken, Girls Bravo, Fight Ippaychan (sp?), and a few others.

    And looking at Wikipedia, the first lines for every single title is something along the line of "*Name here* is a boy that..." There's nothing wrong with enjoying an 'harem-like' show, but it's something I really don't like personally. A good part of the enjoyment I have with Queen's Blade is that the characters are focused on what they have to do; it's not a tons of otherwise kick-ass women all fawning over the same single man.

    I honestly don't mind much if there's a male character, but I dislike if it becomes an "all girls become crazy for the same man and fight each other for his attention" situation. In theory, if the show is utterly amazing beside that I might end up liking it anyway (I finished Growlanser IV on the Vita lately and it was an awesome game even though it features a male main character and had strong harem-ic tendencies)... But the intros on Wikipedia makes me believe that's not the case for those shows and slogging through a few episodes of all them and that if they are all just "male harem" stories, it'd most likely just make me lose my interest in watching something entirely again.

    So... Would you happen to have any recommendations for me? It's completely fine if a guess turns out to not be a good one :) I'm feeling like watching a fanservicey show, but not one that's just about a male character surrounded by an harem unless it's actually an awesome show. Fantasy, Medieval or Sci-Fi a huge plus.

    What I got left with from my quick search that wasn't "male main character in the first line on Wikipedia" was only Koi Hime Musou serie (which I watched some years back; was ok), some story that had japanese warlords being female with Hideyoshi being the main character (I think it had Paradox in the title, watch it on release on Crunchyroll, was ok-ish), Blade & Soul (with comments mostly being that it's meh at the start and quickly becomes worst anime ever made) and Ikkitousen which I never watched due to it being a school-based show (though I might end up watching that if I end up finding nothing else...)

    Any recommendation from anyone is very welcome! Even I end up not liking a recommended show, I'll still appreciate the recommendation very much :)

    1. ayra, I haven't actually watched this one myself (it's been on my list for years now) but what about the anime Strike Witches? Based on my second-hand knowledge, it sounds exactly like what you're looking for, and virtually all of what I've heard has been good.

    2. Play Senran Kagura on 3DS, that's all I got to suggest really if you seen everything else.

      Senran Kagura has some important males characters but none are romantic interests and the main characters are most definitely all female, so it's girls handling their own problems without having to rely on guys to do it for them.

      Read the mangas if you don't have a 3DS, however, do not watch the anime if you want an accurate portrayal of Senran Kagura. The anime isn't an abomination really, but it's not a good adaptation for sure.

      Honestly, though, when it comes to Queen's Blade, I'd normally go and say not to start with the anime either for this series (or to skip the first season and start from the second) but a lot of people do and I can't really help that any...

    3. Hm, anime, right? I'm more of a manga guy actually...

      But well, if it's about good fanservice shows, I guess Highschool of the Dead (dunno about the anime, manga's awesome), Shokugeki no Soma (more about food, but eh), Medaka Box, maybe Bakemonogatari (about the supernatural and stuff, it gets complicated)... and if OVAs are included too, I'd go ahead and say Redline (even if it's mostly about racing).

      ...Though, if you meant more like "girls fighting with some fanservice in there", Samurai Girls is not that bad (maybe too male-centric for you), and I hear Kill La Kill is popular right now (haven't watched it though), so uh, maybe try those first?

    4. Yeah, I know you are more a manga guy but I figured I'd try my luck anyway :) I mostly read real books and watch a bit of anime, but not much manga at all.

      Let's see...

      Strike Witches: I initially glanced at it but due to the age of the characters I skipped, but I'll give it an actual look, thanks!

      Senran Kagura: I actually have a 3DS but I hadn't looked much at the title. The PSVita Senran Kagura game looked more interesting than the 3DS one from a gameplay perspective so I thought I'd wait until that one was released instead. Hadn't looked at the manga or anime, but it's a good idea; it hadn't come to mind for some reasons. Regarding Queen's Blade, I did start with the first one and worked my way up; I didn't like the first episode too much, but I did like the season just fine. Regarding "if I watched everything else", the only fan-service heavy shows I've actually watched so far are Queen's Blade, Koi Hime Musou and that Battle Girls - Time Paradox.

      leecherboy: I did mean mostly "girls fighting" or interesting things happening (ie. not just pure fanservice show). I'll skip on the cooking or the racing show, but thanks for the recommendation!

      Samurai Girls is a prime example of what made me create this topic. I saw it in the recommendations, the first few images and lines I read made it sound awesome, and then I saw it's male focused. Whyyy?? It's caleld Samurai GIRLS!

      I'll give it a try at least since you recommend it; my result filtering was basically "Does it state a male main character in the first few lines on Wikipedia", so I discarded it straight off, but as I mentionned, the reason of the topic was to know if any of those titles were actually good or there were other ones.

      As a separate note, while looking for the Paradox's anime actual name, I came across Momo Kyun Sword that's currently airing on Crunchy Roll. Potentially decent hopefully.

      Well, thanks for the recommendations everyone! If think about more please feel free to add them. Actually, although I'm not a big manga reader, if you have any Queen Blade-like to recommend I'd certainly take them too.

    5. looking for strong women then you might like;
      Black Rock shooter though the "Fan service" level falls down and make sure to get the TV series no the movie.

      Claymore high amount of action broken up with a lot of story to keep track of.

      Daphne in the Brilliant Blue all female lead in a water town sound like a fan service show but not the much. Reminds me a little but of "Gunsmith Cats" another one I would suggest.

      Kiddy Grade don't judge a series by the name. If you can make it past the first half it gets great. little bit of a weak ending and stay clear of the the second season (Kiddy Girl-and)

      Manyuu Hikenchou ... the larger the breast the more power on has in their world and a rouge ninja knows a way to steal the chest from her enemies and make her's larger... its also a manga!

      Hyperdimension Neptunia based off the game with the same name all female cast with one or two male villains. A bit of action in each episode but not that much fan service unless Vert of Iris are around.

      Noir Lots of action two female lead with guns. sadly little to no fan service.

      Panty and Stocking ... IMO the Japanese form of "southpark" with female leads. depending on the episode it can be broken into halves or one large one with random amount of everything including the kitchen sink in the party...

      Ultimate Girls ... if you can find it heavy into fan service not that much on action comedy version of magical school girls...

      Master of Martial Hearts ... mostly female fight over items that once all collected it can grant you a wish.

      Blade and Soul ... just finished airing last season based off an MMO with the same name. It has the same problem as Neptunia anime.

      Sekai de Ichiban Tsuyoku Naritai! ,,, all female wrestling what can go wrong with this...

      I tried to avoid any with male's in the main group in this list. if you need other manga I'll make a list some other time.

      would be a web sight I would start with and

      for any animes, hope it helps

  2. Niiiiiice, thank you! That's exactly what I was looking for!

    Watched the first two episodes of Daphne in the Brilliant Blue: The first episode is pretty effective in making you feel really bad for the main character and the 2nd is pretty fun. Definitively will be watching more!

    The other one I had time to check out an episode of is Manyuu Hikenchou... Holy eff is there some dark stuff in there! I'm a bit torn on it: The bad stuff is really, really bad, but I like the main characters, the relationship between them, the action, some of the fanservice...Like the Vanquished Queen's episodes, it's something I watched with both horror and great interest. Normally, the worst stuff is in the first episode/chapter though so I assume I went through the worst of it... So I'll most likely watch further!

    I remember reading a Claymore chapter a long time ago; I liked the concept and I heard a ton of great things about it, but I remember it being super-gory (I don't deal too well with ultra-violence and overwhelming gore). Possibly the anime isn't as bad on that fact though.

    I know about not judging by title: Bodacious Space Pirates is my 2nd favorite anime ever: The title is silly (there's nearly no fanservice either so the name doesn't fit), but I have to admit that Kiddy Grade did make me raise an eyebrow :)

    Hyperdimension Neptunia I'll wait on it. I haven't played any game in the serie, but there's one comming out on the Vita (my gaming tool of choice) next month so I'll play that first (to avoid spoilers) to see how I like/dislike it.

    I'll be looking further at the other recommendations in this topic to see what I like and what I don't (and saw Witchblade too); considering I don't watch much anime normally, odds are that'll give me something to watch for a few years, thanks :)