Thursday, July 3, 2014

Master of Queen's Blade Excellent Graphics: Airi, Cattleya, Nowa, Nyx

First, we got a new poll! After the failure from Blogspot's last time (that apparently isn't fixed yet), we've now switched to PollDaddy, that hopefully works a bit better. Now Kaguya should get the spotlight she deserves (and for good reason, she's still sold out in many places, even after all this time).

And for our intermission this time, we turned to the 1st Master of QB Excellent book, that still has some nice unstranslated data about our chars. It's the same place where we saw the early designs, too.



  1. Cattleya! Finally, I see her name again. There's nothing I want more than for her to be relevant again in this series, and that Hiraku Kaneko himself could have animated her in all the glory she deserves. At least she keeps getting figures, though.

    The description on that page is just perfect. Just an apron and a "cloth" (more like a string) over her crotch... how could anyone be more deliciously ecchi than that, especially with such a bodacious body as her's? I am glad that Kaneko decided to make her the way he did, no holding back, and I'm glad she is the way she is.

  2. Interesting poll by the way. Wow, she's really selling out? I never thought QB books would still be selling out these days. I'm really glad for that, actually! I'm a little less worried that we may never see another QB season...

    As for the poll answer. It's tough because we would be using these weapons against her. Sure I'd like to win her hand but who would honestly want to use a "beheading" weapon against her?? lol. I guess it's her hand we want, not her head? Also two of the options are useless individually, unless you can choose both at the same time, isn't that right? Anyways, I wouldn't really want to hurt her so I went with what seems like the safest option of the fire-rat gauntlets... hopefully I could just burn her clothes off to win ;)

    1. You bet our Kaguya's a success! Hobby Search managed to back-order her this week, but it's second-hand-only on Amazon for a while, and Ami Ami just doesn't have her.

      As for the poll, the sword is just a "beheading blade" because it's based on Kaguya's five treasures (did I fail to mention that here? :p), on the "Dragon Neck Jewel" to be exact, not because it's specially used to behead... and the greaves are there mostly for completeness' sake, since we're not really sure of their actual purpose, but eh.