Thursday, July 17, 2014

Spiral Chaos Freetalks: Nowa (2 of 2)

Update(07-18): A post by the man F.S. strongly hints that the next Vanquished Queens 3 book will contain some "Melona x Aldra, Menace x Anarista and Echidna x Menace" goodness and will be out by September! Kyah, awesome!

In the end, Kaguya's Boots (29v, 32%) and Gauntlets (25v, 28%) won! We didn't really expect her Greaves to get many votes, but surprisingly it went like: Sword (16v, 17%), Greaves (10v, 11%) then Bunny-Ears (9v, 10%). So, time for a new poll! Coinciding with all the Queen's Blade sites getting a revamp just yesterday, let's pit them all against each other!

And again, happy times with N... wait, did something weird happen in this one?


Next: Mina!... but we're having an intermission first to see if we figure out Chample's Okinawan. Like I noted in the previous post, we're having some trouble with a couple of his sentences:




So any help is welcome!


  1. Am I right to guess that books are finished for Queen's gate? I was always hopping for one officially from Ikkitousen, Maken-ki, or more recently Senran Kagura to show up.

    1. Yeah, that's what it's been looking like so far. Hyper Nurse Kotone-chan and Samurai Girl's Sen Onihime were announced long ago, and last year a QG figure of Samurai Girls' D'Artagnan came out too, but no dice...

    2. Oh, that was supposed to be "Sen Togukawa" :p

  2. Got a new one.
    It said to send it your way, another error I suppose.

    1. Duh, of course, I'm so dumb... I mistyped Suchie-Pai's Fake Low as 24, so if she got Dazed and couldn't use Orange, the CPU went nuts deciding how she was attacking... I'll post the fix in a bit, thanks.

    2. To have an error here and there is pretty normal. Thanks for such an addicting game.