Monday, July 28, 2014

Queen's Blade Rebellion Zero 10

And here's Melona's and Izumi's chapter! Double-sized like last one, too! Oh, and forgot to mention the other day that the Exiled Warrior and Zero chapters from the Translations page should be fixed now, as well.

Download it here, and enjoy!


  1. And done reading up to Chapter 10. While I don't like that particular chapter that much (I felt that a lot of characters were off in it), there's some nice stuff in the rest of those books! Branwen and Laila's story definitively was worth a read, and I have to say that my appreciation of Eilin and Ymir went way up.

  2. Have you ever considered creating a mobile version of Queen's Blade battle?

    1. Been asked a few times already, yes. But even if we disregard the copyright issue (that is, if the Google App/iOS store somehow let me put this up), it'd be a humongous effort.

      Namely because of two basic things: layout and code. You can imagine how the current app wouldn't fit a mobile screen, so some redesigning would be necessary, and the most important, I'm pretty sure it's not easy to convert my current C# code into Android's Java or whatever fancy thing iOS uses.

      So yeah, doesn't seem viable.

    2. Besides, if that is the case you need to:

      1) remove the bottom matrix part and retain the images (I like the matrixes as is especially the lost worlds ones, plus it retains the essence of the game as an analogue to the books in general)

      2) as you said convert the C# AI to Java/XCode (unless the code is already as complicated as is, btw, loved how you made it)

      3) Ditch the splitscreen books layout for a one book layout (much more like an ebook or something, making it a multiplayer experience or something, which calls for aesthetics and coding efforts)

      Overall, it's a humongous effort and it's not going to be a one man thing. Just saying

    3. You don't need to distribute via Google Market. There are indiependent makkests you can go to. The Mikandi market is for adult games and apps, as well as the black market. Or youc an let android users download the APK Pack from the website and install it.

    4. Since this is a Fan Made project. I wanted to find out everyone's opinion on uncensoring the art. I've already done 7 Stakes and removed thoes annoying bits of cloth. We could have it in a seperate pack and add it as a whole.... Thoughts?

    5. Even if there are ways beside the Google/iOs store to distribute it, it still doesn't fix the two or three big problems we were already discussing above.

      And about nudity, err... that doesn't sound like such a good idea to me? Mainly for 2 reasons: I wouldn't really like to alter the nice art the artists created, and bringing nudity to these battles would rather be distracting, no? I mean, if you wanted to see nude art, you'd have plenty of other places to get it from...

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    7. I'm not a super coder, but the mobile version could take on the same back end calculations you would use, but the layout would need a simple redesign

      As far as the gameplay, you would make it the embodiment of how the books were used, in first person. There can be a side menu with your list of attacks that you can pull down from and make the interface streamline.

      As far as the uncensorship, I was not suggesting making every picture naked. I want the images the way they are supposed to be and I can only speak for myself when saying the whole "cloud of steam" or stray cloth is hiding something annoys me beyond anything when the anime makes a point to show the real fights and include nudity. This game is borderline H, but even ecchi will show nudity. Look at Luna Luna... There is pushing the line..and there is pushing the line. I only want to decensor them and give folks an option to use them (even help if they want). Not take away from the original art. Let's be real. Queens blade is about fighting and watching clothes get ripped off. The story line is second. Like american movies with a PG-13 rating they only drew that so they can sell it to a younger audience, but all the figures are Ero as well as every other medium except the books.

    8. There is nothing to censor. The artists didn't show and never intended to show full nudity, so what is there to uncensor?

      Part of Queen's Blade's appeal is that there is no full nudity. What is hidden is more alluring than what is not hidden. I understand Queen's Blade is borderline H, but that's the point. It is not intended to go past that.

      Also, I don't mean to disparage any of your uncensoring skills, but I also prefer to respect the artists' work and keep it unmodified. There is also a chance that garish modifications will stand out and harm the pictures as a whole.

      I'm also not sure about Mikandi. If you want the mobile app to have more than just minimum exposure, I don't recommend Mikandi. Otherwise, what point is there in making the app when so few people download it? The good news is that certain Android apps like Legend of the Cryptids have a lot of racy artwork in them. They've been around for a while, so maybe Queen's Blade could scrape by.

      As for the interface, well... I'll be honest. I'm planning to enter app development soon, but I want to develop a simple game first that doesn't require a whole lot of animation or graphics. I was thinking of making a simple Queen's Blade game reminiscent of, but not the same as, QBB. It would be designed for phones and would have a completely different interface. I haven't though about how to do it yet, though.

      ...and that is why I brought this up in the first place! Well, it's just a dream going nowhere. Forget about it.