Sunday, July 13, 2014

Queen's Blade Rebellion Zero 12

We start the 3rd and last volume with the twins, and a couple cameos! We know last chapter was 9, but the tankoubon did this weird thing where it rearranged the order of the chapters for no reason, and we weren't cool with that. Also, this chapter was originally compressed of two, we didn't split it this time because we're cool like that. Plus, we improved the translation of the twins' attacks.

Download it here, and enjoy!

That aside, the next girl to get a freetalk after Nowa will be Mina, we're announcing it in advance because we ran into a little problem... its name being Chample:

See, we're pretty sure that Chample is supposed to speak Okinawan (and properly does several times)... but there's a couple lines near the beginning where it just looks like gibberish, like the line above. So, if any of you think you could help making sense of that, we'd really appreciate it~


  1. Hello again after many months! Hope you are doing well!

    Really short on time right now so I'll keep it quick:I will be giving out reviews of the new characters once I get the chance to play more with them; I do like what I see at first glance at least, all those new official characters at least have some quirks to make them unique.

    Tribe Shion is STILL incomming actually. Due to the technical restrictions that I wasn't able to overcome, she's been completely redesigned, with 4 states (based on seasons that have passive effects depending on which one you are currently in and if you do a matching seasonal move.) Got the restriction and AI file to do and it should be ready. Expecting it will be done in two weekends from now.

    I'm trying to catch up to some QB reading, and I'm having some problems: Some of the files are down :(

    Mainly, Queen's Blade Rebellion Zero, chapter 4. It's the only one that's missing of the QBRZ serie: Would it be possible to have it reuploaded? I'm kind of dreading to start reading and miss a chapter in the middle of it.

    Queen's Blade Exiled Warrior is also completely missing unfortunately (but that'd be a lot of uploads so I'm not keeping my hopes up :() I know I had read partway through it, but I know I never finished and I can't seem to find my files (And I believe it wasn't completed last time yet).

    1. Heya gal, been a while~! I'm just fine, can't complain myself!

      I've already notified my pal about the missing chapters, that should be no problem.

      Glad to see the newest chars haven't let you down. As for the new Shion, that concept of the seasons does sound intriguing (I hope changing the "technical restrictions" you couldn't overcome wasn't too much of a hassle), looking forward to it!

    2. There, all Exiled and Zero chapters should be working now.

  2. Much appreciated, thank you!

    The technical problems I had was mostly due to the lack of being able to check the values of the 2nd HP bar and being able to take action depending on it's results. The "having to follow attacks from the different character" probably was too clunky for this battle system anyway, so the upcomming version is probably better anyway.

    As a random question, are they planning any more anime..? Rebellion kind of ended in the middle of the season, and I haven't heard anything about a Grimoire Anime, or anything else anime-related for QB actually.

    Quick character comments from the Grimoire characters! I didn't get enough play time with them unfortunately to be able to judge how good or bad their matrix is which makes a huge difference on character performance, but that'll come eventually.

    Alicia - Not new, but I have to say that I have to reeiterate how much she doesn't impress me. Boring design visually, small moveset, no noteworthy boosts or abilities beside the 5 damage splash and the +4 kick (?). My least liked main character so far (Leina has a really bad moveset, but I like the character and design).

    Goldie: Holy eff, the fanservice! That's... Well, I can't even conceive how you could possibly push that further without fullblown nudity: It's as close as it's humanly possible so I'm pretty sure that's never going to get topped in a QB book. Fighting-wise, she's pretty good. Straightforward but very good base damage (including a +7 ranged attack), decent unarmed combat, and extremely good evading bonuses. She also has extremely good Score pages, unlike most of the newer chars. Not Grimoire though.

    Gretel: The dual form is interesting. A few of the Hansel form attacks are absolutely brutal visually so kudos for that. Gameplay-wise, she's just ok. Her basic moveset is small, and she basically have to get knocked around to get access to nearly half her moveset. The problem is, she only has 10BP so it's very limiting and it's not as if those are amazing moves. She fares ok overall still, though.

  3. Kaguya: Pleasantly impressed. Was expecting nothing from her when we saw her first image; thought she'd look super plain. On the countrary, she's great with fun, dynamic pages and a swell visual design. Probably my Grimoire favorite. Gameplay-wise, she's all about landing her big attacks. The 10 damage splash damage is probably the strongest attack out of all QB chars; her 5 damage 24 attack (boostable via dodge) is very hefty too. It's all about mindgames about when you throw out the really nasty stuff. Pretty bad score pages compensates that power (though I can see she's probably unfun to play against).

    Tiina: Visually, I'm going to give out a "good" rating. I'm relatively neutral to her visual design and pages, but I do love her super-cheerful attitude. Gameplay-wise, I'm not sure I really understand the character. Using the Kraken Summon allows you to use Kraken attack the next turn only; does it actually do antyhing special? It feels like such a waste of 3 moves. The same applies to the "Song of W.T." moves. You need to safely land a move 28 (often hardest to land safely in the game) in order to unlock for one turn two moves that do nothing special. Am I missing anything? As for the rest, she's ok. Average durability, average damage, no special trick (except if I'm missing something with the song and Kraken?)

    Werbellia: Really not a fan of her "crotch bat", and it's basically the central point of imagery throughout nearly all pages, so meh. Gameplaywise... I feel she has a really bad matrix: I'm having far more difficulty winning consistently than I should on paper. She has very good Score pages with 15BP, which is should be enough by itself to make a character good (See Mirim). Her damage is on the low side however, with extremely poor jump bonuses, and she is missing actual vertical attacks that deal damage, so that might part of why she's underwhelming. Her curse attack is hard to land since you have to get 3 points of curse and then land a 36 clean, but it's useful against the non-QB characters (like the big robots). Not bad, but not amazing as first glance indicated for me.

    Zara: Fun character design, in the top 3 sexiest QB characters for me. It's absolutely ridiculous but it works for me. Thumbs up! Combat-wise, she's amazingly strong. Too much probably? 18 BP, average/good score pages, passive 2BP regen at long range (!). On top of that, she has a whooping +3 to all on her Away page, which is extremely relevant considering her regen. Good damage overall, +2 boosts on jumps on heavier attacks, and probably the easiest insta-kill move in the game. Matrix seems eh overall, but so far I'd say she's probably the strongest QB character in the game.

    1. Ooh, I see you still got it in you~ Regarding the anime, for now they're only releasing VQ OVAs, I don't think they plan on releasing Rebellion 2 or starting Grimoire any time soon, unfortunately.

      As for the chars, you praised Goldie for her +7 extended move, but that disarms you, right? Is it worth the risk? Also, what do you think of her "sealed off" honey moves, +8 and +10 only against male animals?

      For Tiina, I guess her songs and Kraken aren't really special (though the Kraken specifically prevents the opponent from jumping away, if that's any help), it should be more about how they're all +2 moves and in "Thrust" and "Fake" positions, you don't see that every day.

      And for the witch, did you forget about her Airi helpers with the healing touch? Don't these come in handy?

  4. VQ OVAs..? Is it as dark as the books and something I really, really shouldn't watch?

    For Goldie, I'd say the +7 attack at the cost of a disarm is worth it. Of course, it's not made to be spammed, but the simple fact it exists is a huge threat to the opposing player: Most players get insta-KOed if they do a Charge. Her unarmed potential is pretty good: She has two strong and safe moves available, and they are massively boostable via Dodge. The constant threat of two deadly moves is enough to let you pick up your weapon relatively safely, if you even bother to do so.

    That said, her move set is small, and as you said, the two Honey moves are a complete waste: It's entirely useless against every single character made by the company. Her move set is small, made even smaller with those useless moves..... But it's effective.

    For Werbellia, is there a specific trigger for the wraith helpers drain? When I first tried it, it wasn't draining anything and I didn't use those moves much at all afterward... After you mentionned that, I tried and it's draining the 2BP on it(which is amazing), but not always (seems to be character dependent). If it's always supposed to drain 2BP on hit, then yes that definitively improves her a lot: 2BP drain is great, especially on a +2 move.

    1. The VQ OVAs are kinda like that, yeah... but you can try the 2nd one with Airi-Laila-Nanael, it didn't seem that dark to me.

      And for Werbellia's helpers, like in the case of Airi's book herself, it's only when the score is positive... so you'll probably have trouble getting it to work against super-defensive types like Mirim. And technically it's not "draining" but only "healing yourself"... though, it being a +2 attack instead of a -9, I'd argue that's even better.

  5. Great work!! I'm a fan of the series.

    Anyways, it seems the DL links for chapters 10 and 12 aren't working... :(

    1. Oh, you're right, Sendspace shows that "it's unavailable at the moment"... How annoying, it used to be way more reliable :p

      We'll be keeping an eye on them, and maybe reupload them if they stay unavailable in the following weeks, oh well.

    2. So yeah, the Sendspace dumbasses couldn't fix the links and let them die in the end... So, they're reupped now.