Thursday, August 7, 2014

Spiral Chaos Freetalks: Mina Majikina (2 of 2)

So for the poll about Rebellion's tag teams, the Witch won with a 36.84%-21v, Eilin&Ymir and Tarnyang&Sainyang surprisingly tied with a 22.81%-13v, while Yuit&Vante lost with 17.54%-10 v. I guess the Witch still has it, then. So for next poll, a bit of a general one about story and ecchi!

And Mina second part, can Jean worm his way to her heart?


Next: Ymir!


  1. After a lot of thought, I had to vote for the second option.

    While I love Queen's Blade, what I love most is the character's, their strength, their motivation. However, my two favorite anime (El Cazador and Bodacious Space Pirates) have extremely low amount of ecchi.

    I checked some things from the list, and my conclusion is that I prefer when it's "casually ecchi". Manyuu Hichenkou turned out to be too much for me after all: the actual focus is more on the ecchi itself and it basically had things I prefer I hadn't seen, and it feels degrading actually.

    On the other hand, things like Daphne of the Brilliant Blue and Witchblade has "incidental ecchi"; the outfits are very revealing, but the story isn't about them and I'm enjoying those. So I'll average it up and vote for the 2nd option :)

  2. Hm, it seems I need to expand my anime horizons - I've seen very few of the anime on this list. Of course, it's not like I didn't realize I was taking in less and less new material as time went on, but this throws it into stark relief.

    I should mention that I voted for option four. While I didn't like Seikon no Qwaser very much, I do enjoy Queen's Blade; certainly, so long as the ecchi content isn't utterly overriding the story, I like a hefty dose of it (though to be fair, in the Queen's Blade anime - rather than the other media - it does indeed override the story somewhat).

    On a tangential note, this poll reminds me of the importance of trying to match the content you consume with your expectations of them. I recently played the eroge Utawarerumono, only to find that while it had a compelling cast and a fairly good story, there was very little sex to be found (as a follow-up, I watched the TV anime - and I'll soon watch the OVAs - and found that it was even more scrubbed of erotica).

  3. I voted for the second option I usally don't like ecchi nor hentai anime.

    indeed I think 3 of the best animes are GTO, Space adventure Cobra, and Armitage III.
    Sword art online, Death Note, and shingeki no kyojin are good too.
    so why am I here on leecherboy's blog? because Queen's Blade is THE best anime ever made, so awesome I can't even say why...
    my vote for the poll was really hard to choose: I don't really like ecchi, but Queen's blade is my favorite anime...