Thursday, September 22, 2016

Drama CDs: Beautiful Fighters (6/6)

First of all, regarding QBB's "servers", no one has actually complained, but it's pretty clear there still are access issues. I wanted to release another funky QBB update before Cinderella, so I'll try and figure out something...?
Oh, and apparently the second QB x Wixoss collaboration card thingie was decided, after Alicia (and before Tiina?) it's going to be Liliana here:

So, the poll about fanfiction, "never written it" won with 34v-58%, followed by "have written" and "still writing" with 16v-27% and 8v-13%.
Hm, what can I even say, like even my partner mercilessly pointed out, the entirety of QBB's story mode is pretty much fanfiction. Oh, the shame... :p

Now, next poll... oh, another quiz about couples!

And, here's the last vid of the Beautiful Fighters! Did Shizuka snatch Aldra's rightful chance to appear in at least one CD? (spoilers?) Sure seems so!


Created a playlist with these too for your convenience! Hope you liked them!

Coming next... well, my partner is beginning classes and stuff, so we're leaving videos for the moment and going back to lighter things. That's what you get when you have a small team, too bad! >_<


  1. Surprised you didn't bring up the Toranoana & Melonbooks Goodies.

    1. Yeah, I've been monitoring the shops for a while, but Toranoana's isn't complete yet and HJ's keeping mum, no? Pretty sure Tora will get another item featuring Cindy, hopefully soon :p

    2. Toranoana is Liliana.

      I have the opportunity to get only 1 and if HJ happens to have Kaguya then I WANT IT!!!
      Otherwise Melonbooks Tina.

      What do you mean by HJ's keeping Mum?

    3. I don't think HJ's store has anything this time.

      Toranoana theoretically has Liliana and the Cindy clearfile, but it looks like there's another spot for something else, right?

      Plus when they previewed Cindy this month, HJ told us they would be talking about extra goods next, right?

      I'm betting the two facts are related, and HJ's stalling for time while Cindy's author finishes something else for Tora.

    4. That's annoying.
      We're just 3 days till the release.

      I certainly hope that blog post comes soon.
      I'd love to see more screenshots.