Thursday, September 15, 2016

Drama CDs: Beautiful Fighters (5/6)

First of all, if you tried the last QBB version and the so-called "servers" gave you login troubles, sorry about that, apparently those guys are more sensitive to random accesses than I thought. All those that failed should work now, but I hope it'll be fixed for everyone else next week, or else I'll have to look for someone else's "servers" :p

Now, for the last poll about touching QB books (oh, dirty?), "never ever touched one" won with 36v-46%, followed closely by "own a book or more" with 34v-43%, then lastly a tie between"leafed through one or more" and "probably saw one or more" with 4v-5%.
Well, glad to see about half of you have seen one in the flesh, they really look better than most of the scans we got, after all~

And next poll, fanfiction, huh?

So, you know how we started these Beautiful Fighters dramas last month, to commemorate this blog's 6th anniversary? (What, of course I did mention it back then, there was cake and everything, don't you remember the cake?)
Well, it's angel time!



  1. In all honesty, I'm working on a special Halloween fiction telling stories based in the universe of the Monster Girl Encyclopedia, in the style of 1950s horror comics.

    And don't even get me started on the various emoticon skits I do on forums I post on. A recent one was a remake of Young Frankenstein.

    1. I don't currently write fanfiction, but like a lot of people I did do a bunch of that in my mid teens.

      I wonder, do Leecher's addition of a story mode in QBB count as fanfiction...?