Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Cinderella + OVA 2 reviewed!

So it's finally out~

Our very lucky buddy from Japan posted some pics of the released Cindy book, and the girl indeed has a blizzard attack, plus the moves we heard about pumpkins and grabbing the enemy to freeze them.

Like he says, she seems to be showing a nipple in one of the pics, something we don't see everyday and which was one of the catalysts for the whole "Sainyang = boy" ruckus... :p

Plus he also posted new caps of the OVA 2, full of all kinds of action:

No apparent date for next OVA is given, but Sigui seems to be up next... are we looking at a possible Sigui vs Hansel fight? Or will it be Despina who fights Hansel to get all the beauties?

Go, Grimoire, go~!


  1. a Kaguya screenshot? sur Gold Wave is gonna be happy x)

  2. I'm surprised by how many characters from previous series are appearing in Grimoire.

    1. Yeah that's called fan service and that's what Queen's Blade tend to always do anyway x)

  3. Firelight Games already has her for sale. I don't mean preorder here either like they did before. They literally have her in stock right now. https://squareup.com/store/firelight-games-company/item/winter-devil-cinderella